Last weekend Formula-1 driver Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix again, it was a bit boring race because his opponents did not get too much chances. Verstappen took the lead immediately and did not give it away any more. His nearest competitor and sevenfold world champion Lewis Hamilton had to bite the dust and Verstappen increased his chances to win the Formula-1 this year, although the season is still long and nothing is sure yet.

So it is very interesting to check what is going on in Verstappen’s progressions at the moment. Regarding the long planet phases, the Firdaria: since 2015 Verstappen has been in the Firdar of Mercury, the key planet to his success as we saw in last week’s post. This phase will last till 2028 so Verstappen is here to stay. The start of his Mercury Firdar in 2015 marked his first race, he did not yet have a driver’s license then, he was too young.

By clicking on the download link above, the current progressions can be seen. It is clear immediately that this year will be a good period for professional success, the progressed Sun just changed its sign and has left behind its fall in Libra. The Sun is not only the General Significator of fame but also Lord 10 of the career in Verstappen’s radix. The Sun will change its sign only once in thirty years, so this indicates a career development of some importance! 

Prediction always is about changes, so you see this development now in the year the Sun leaves Libra, it does not mean he will be on top for thirty years now. It is good to realise that the fact that the Sun in the picture of the progressions is on the twelfth house cusp does not mean anything, as what you see are progressed positions and not a chart. The often-used term “progressed chart”’ is incorrect and misleading, there are no progressed cusps only directions of the two main axes, the Ascendant and the MC.

Al Natrah

Not only the progressed Sun shows the positive developments the other Luminary the Moon is just as clear. In the next two, three months, it will move over Verstappen’s  natal MC indicating success of course (Verstappen’s radix can be viewed in last week’s post). The Part of the Moon also called the Part of Fortune (its position is calculated by the primary direction of the Ascendant and the secondary progressions of the Luminaries) repeats these positive indications. It is moving through the last part of Leo, it will enter Virgo in two months, activating this super-fast Mercury, the key to his success and then conjunct Regulus, the star “leading to the throne”.

So it does not look bad at all for Verstappen in the next four months, that is a large part of the rest of the season, the last Grand Prix will be held on 12 December. Exactly in the period he has to achieve, the progressed Luminaries and the part of Fortune are found in a very favourable positions. The lunar mansion the Moon is moving through is Al Natrah, connected to ‘’conquest and victory”, its image is an eagle with a human head.  After al Natra comes Al Terf, the “Glance of the Lion’’ associated with confrontation and loss, indicating a more difficult phase at the very end of the seaon. But all-in all it looks very good for him.        

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