Welcome to “Pegasus Astrological Consultations,” the experts in classical astrology.

Pegasus is one of the few strictly classical astrological consulting services. This means that our consultations are always very specific. You will receive clear answers to your questions; we do not hide behind vague terminology.

Pegasus was founded by Oscar Hofman, who received his training in London from the world-renowned astrologer John Frawley. He holds the diplomas of Horary Astrologer and Craftsman Astrologer.

The name Pegasus refers to the myth of Perseus, the hero who beheaded the Gorgon Medusa. Medusa is the mythological symbol of the enslavement and confusion of human subjectivity and sensual attachment. When Perseus beheads Medusa, he kills this too-limited, earthly, and sensual nature, freeing Pegasus, who rises from the blood of Medusa. Pegasus is the objective standpoint of classical astrology. Thus, you can, for example, discover your talents, find out which work would truly bring you joy, and gain clear insights into relationships.

Pegasus’ clients include both individuals and businesses. Pegasus specializes in business astrology, professional profiles, and support in Human Resource Management.

Pegasus offers various astrological possibilities:

  • Horary Astrology: We can quickly and clearly answer any question, whether it’s related to business transactions, relationships, real estate, success with products or new initiatives, suitability of personnel, reliability, legal matters, work issues, financial questions, and so on.

We are the experts in Horary Astrology!

  • Medical Astrology: Diagnosis, prognosis, treatment (diet, herbs, lifestyle). Questions about fertility, surgeries, and other medical treatments. Also, advice on preventive measures.
  • Elections: Calculation of the most favourable time for specific matters, such as marriage, starting a new business, launching a product, or initiating a sales process.
  • Birth Horoscopes: Character, motivation, understanding, talents, strengths and weaknesses, and future developments. Analysis of other important areas: health, relationships, family, financial prospects, spirituality, etc. Also, advice on children’s horoscopes and upbringing.

If you are interested, you can reach us via:

Kortendijk 58
4201 KW Gorinchem
Tel: 0183-649405
E-mail: info@pegasus-advies.com