A while ago on this blog we discussed the previous eclipse of May 16, a Lunar Eclipse in which the Sun fell on Algol. This was used to predict how things would proceed with Russia and that did not look too good. Because in this eclipse chart (made for the time that the eclipse is at its maximum) calculated for Moscow, Lord 1 – Russia – was the Moon and it was a Lunar Eclipse. The light of Russia would thus go out, extinguished by a Sun on evil beheading Algol. We have seen how that has worked out, Russia is in serious trouble, they are retreating  and some say they are loosing the war, with a partial mobilization Putin is now trying to turn the tide.

The Claw

The effect of an eclipse runs until the next eclipse, there are mostly only four eclipses in a year. That next eclipse is also a Lunar Eclipse and it will take place on November 8 (there is also one one on 25 October, but it will only work out for a very short time). It is not to be expected that the war will have ended by then and so this eclipse chart may provide information about the further course of the battle. Calculated for Moscow, this one looks pretty intense again. This time Lord 1 is no longer the Moon and therefore not directly part of the eclipse. Lord 7 of the opponent, however, is the Sun and the Sun is of course part of the eclipse, with its light it makes the Moon go out to be the only one left in the sky.

So it is not too far-fetched to take the Moon as Russia again and to see the Sun Lord 7 as Ukraine. Had the Moon been Lord 7 been of opponents, we would of course have taken the Moon as Ukraine. But now the Moon is  Russia and it still does not look good, not only does his Light go out, he is also conjunct Uranus, a painful reality check. The sky god of unlimited potential and possibilities is harshly  castrated by sober Saturn.

The Price

The Moon is essentially strong in its exaltaion, but the question is whether that can offer some compensation for its loss of light, if you see what is on the other side, there we find the Sun with Mercury on the South Scale.  The South Scale, also called Lucida lancis, is an extremely powerful royal star, one of the Scales of Libra, which are also seen as the Claws of Scorpio. On the Scales the soul is weighed and punished  by the Claws, the execution of justice is the big theme here. If something is not right, it will be mercilessly brought to light. The South scale is therefore also called the Insufficient Price, you will only be released when you have paid the last penny.


When you see how much is wrong with the organization of the Russian army, it does not look very hopeful for the Russians. Eclipse Lord 1 – also seen as Russia – is indeed a strong Saturn in its own sign and in the first house, but Russia is not in its own house, so that will not help them too much.  This  Saturn hooks into the axis of the eclipse through square and will therefore be hit by the tension symbolized by the eclipse.  All this is reinforced by the star on the MC, martial Antares, the Heart of the deadly Scorpio who kills off arrogant Orion. The MC is very specific to the place, so it does not look like an improvement for the Russians this winter.

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