This week, Mikhael Gorbachev died, who once put an end to the dark Soviet empire and ushered in a new era. Of course, the mundane- astrological cycles in his time indicated that the time for this had come, such a process can never be initiated by one man. It was around 1990 that this happened, halfway through the period determined the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter of 1980, when Great Oppositions are formed. At that time a crisis often occurs, from 1989 to 1991 five oppositions of Saturn and Jupiter were made, covering the period from the fall of the Wall to the end of the great workers’ paradise.

Al Terf

That’s important to see because it does exactly what astrology is supposed to do: put egos into perspective. Yes Gorbachev was a special man but he could only do what he did because the mundane cycle made it possible. Everything on earth is dependent in detail on “above”, as especially horaries and lunar returns so clearly show. Gorbachev’s radix immediately indicates very clearly the central event in his life, but first we take a look at his Lunar Mansion that, as so often, gives a stunningly clear picture of the core story of his life. That Lunar is Al Tarf, the Gaze of the Lion, which has to do with confrontation with authorities and loss (the fall of the dark Soviet empire). In this Lunar Mansion you come face to face with the powers that be and a struggle arises. 

On Gorbachev’s MC, Jupiter, the planet of politics in exaltation, is clearly indicating that he will bring political liberation. The Great Benefic Jupiter, especially when it is in its elevation, opens up new perspectives and breaks away from old rusty structures. The fact that Jupiter is retrograde  reinforces the idea that it will go against the normal course of events. On the Ascendant we find Vindemiatrix, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, who unleashes powers that he can no longer control, and of course this star also has a lot to do with separation. In the end,I t was Boris Jeltsin who emerged as the new boss and not Gorbachev himself. Jeltsin radically continued the development started by Gorbachev and the role of Gorbachev ended there. He had lost the control over the process.

Mercury -Firdrar

The whole idea of struggle and confrontation is emphasized by Venus Lord 1 which is in opposition to Mars, Lord 7, in the house of public activity.  The opposition between Saturn of ancient structures and Pluto of overwhelming changes also falls on the axis of the tenth and fourth houses. A planet  close to a sign boundary is always worth some extra attention, that is Mercury here, Lord 9 of ideology and ideas, exactly at the beginning of Pisces, where it has  just entered its fall and detriment. The old, totally worn-out communism in which Gorbachev himself had grown up came to an end. In 1988, the Firdar (planetary phase) of this  Mercury had begun, showing that the fall of communism had arrived, a development in which Gorbachev his position shown by the bad state Mercury has just entered.  

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