Last Sunday, Silvio Berlusconi’s dark life came to an end and Italy is in massive mourning. He sometimes seemed to have the eternal life, he kept coming back, but finally the Great Reaper also knocked on his door. Dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return. Il Cavaliere was his nickname, The Knight and this could hardly be less appropriate, Berlusconi was anything but chivalrous, he scoffed, insulted, snorted and shied away from nothing when his interests were at stake.

In his radix, the Sun on the Ascendant immediately catches the eye, good for success as a leader of course, but the Sun is in fall. So that is a Sun that shows its worst sides, Il Cavaliere yes. Handy Mercury is also almost on the Ascendant combust and is therefore hidden, Berlusconi could very easily hide things and this combust Mercury on the Ascendant is also on the star Vindemiatrix, which is associated with overestimation. With this star you quickly think you can do something for which you do not really have the capabilities. He wasn’t a good leader, and politically he didn’t really accomplish much for the country.

Solar Charriot

This is confirmed by the Moon, Lord 10 of work on the usurpation star Achernar, connected to the story of Phaeton, who steals the Solar Chariot, which he ultimately turns out to be unable to control. The Solar Chariot  falls down and scorches the land, a striking story that describes well what happened. The Pars Fortunae,  the unsatiable hunger of the soul is conjunct this Moon/ Lord 10. On the MC of the career we find the star Alhena, the star in the left foot of the immortal Twin Pollux. The Twins are warriors but Alhena can also be seen as the Achilles’ heel and it is called a Mark Burnt-In. The foot is symbolically the action that takes on tangible form, with all its less pleasant sides, in concrete action you sometimes have to get your hands dirty.


Il Cavaliere had many collisions with the judiciary power, his life was a cesspool of which the bottom is not yet in sight. That very prominent hidden combust Mercury, the planet of thieves and liars, is also Lord 12 of forbidden things and crime. As always, the planet parts provide decisive extra information, the Part of Saturn is conjunct the Sun on the Ascendant and that Part is called Captivity and Escape – you can say so yes! Venus/Lord 1 on cusp 2 of possession and money, is in opposition to the Part of the Sun, the essence of leadership and the Part of Abundance. The opposition does not show that it works against him, it is just as much a connection, only there is tension in it and you can say Italy knows.

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