Last week, Max Verstappen’s chances of winning the Formula 1 championship again were examined. That was done on the basis of his solar return of this year, the SR that is valid until his birthday in September looks favorable but the new SR coming into effect then does not. That is also the SR under which he could win again so that looks less promising. Of course, for a good prediction, we also have to analyse the progressions when the season closes in November and there are a number of interesting movements to be seen then.

Before we look at the progressions in November: at the moment the Pars Fortunae is conjuncting o his directed MC and Verstappen has now become the leader in the classification again after a somewhat poor start. In November, of course, that position is long past the PF moves in progression one degree per month. His progressive Sun is still favorable in November though, the Sun is Lord 10 of the job and the general significator of leadership falls on his radix-Ascendant. The progressed Sun moves 1 degree per year so it will continue to work this year. But the question is whether that favorable Sun progression will be enough to give him the championship again.

Al Jabbah?

The other progressions we see looks a bit less favorable. The Moon will this year be moving through the lunar mansion Al Tarf that has to do with confrontation with authorities and frustration. In November, the Maan is about to enter the next lunar mansion Al Jabbah which is associated with success and profit.  But the question is whether this does not come too late, the season has just ended then. The Moon is also just before Regulus and the transition into Virgo.

That seems very favorable because Regulus gives you the throne and the transition to Virgo activates his Mercury which is so very strong in his radix. But that also comes too late, the Moon has three to four degrees to go before it enters Virgo and that is three to four months in time.  That would rather point to a flying start of the season in March 2023, but for this season those powerful positions do not come in time. That seems to be confirmed by the movement of the progressive PF in November, via antiscion it conjuncts the malefic Saturnus which is extremely weak and fall into Aries. So this does not look good either.

For those wo follow the war in Ukraine by applying the 1 day = 1 week key to the chart of the start of the invasion, the Moon (Ukraine) is now moving thorugh the crisis zone with Algol and the Pleiads, so we have the Russians occupying Severodonetsk, an important city in the Donbas.   

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