It is a year of many important elections, not only in the US and in Europe but also in the world’s largest democracy, in India. There, Narendra Modi remained in power, although he did not win with the majority he had hoped for. Nevertheless, he can become prime minister of this big country, which is playing an increasingly important role on the world stage, for the third time. You can’t call Modi’s party nice, he is a fanatical, militant Hindu nationalist, who owes part of his success to his poisonous and sometimes violent attacks on India’s Muslim minority.


In his radix, one planet immediately catches the eye, that is Mars which is on the Ascendant. This reflects the militant character of his reign, Mars is on the bright star Agena from the Centaur and can be associated with more instinctive feelings becoming dominant. Mars is in its own sign, other people than Hindus are not appreciated and square Jupiter on the IC of your roots. Jupiter is retrograde so conservative, but with mixed feelings, he has left his own sign of Pisces where he was very strong, so he does not want to go back any further. Modi is not only conservative, he is also modernizing India economically.


Tenth House

Not only is Mars very powerful, there are also four planets in the tenth house! That is very strong, we see the Sun of leadership, Venus of attractive staging, Saturn Lord 4 of one’s own country and Mercury of speech. That Mercury is unbelievably powerful, it is not only in its own sign, but it is also cazimi, in the heart of the Sun, and such a position makes a planet almost unstoppable. This unstoppable Mercury is the dispositor of the four planets in the tenth house and the Sun that gives him so much power is Lord 10 of the job!

Regulus On top of that, Regulus, the star “that leads to the throne”, is on the MC itself! The whole horoscope is overflowing with an enormous power of manifestation, it is clear that success is not made but given. The planet parts, one of the five necessary techniques, complete the picture. The Part of the Moon (Fortunae) is conjunct the Part of Mars, such a conjunction of planetary parts indicates something essential in a life. The Mars essence is, of course, the battle, the Moon essence your own people and country. The Lunar Mansion is equally clear: it is Al Iklil, the Head of the fierce Scorpion, so martial and venomous, the empahasis on the head shows it fights with ideas.

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