Last week the chart of the coronation of King Charles the Third was discussed here, but it is of course also very interesting to view the chart of the coronation of his mother, who sat on the throne for so long. We can expect a lot of strength in that chart given the length of her kingship. As with the interpretation of Charles’ coronation horoscope, this will be delineated from an election perspective, as if it was chosen by an astrologer.

We will not only look at the planetary positions and the house ruklerships at that time, but also at the placement of the relevant radix factors. Because if you make an election, they are also important, in this case natal Lord 1 of the person and natal Lord 10 of the job, which are Saturn and Mars. Their positions in the coronation chart is important, in making an election horoscope you also have to take into account the radix factors that relate to the event in question.

Complete disposition

It is unlikely that an astrologer was involved in this, but the power really shines out!! This would not be a bad choice as an election chart. This great power comes from Mercury which is very strong in its own sign in the tenth house and its has the disposition over three more planets! Mercury is also Lord 10 of the job and Lord 1 of the person, so she is firmly in control, Mercury has powerover more than half of the chart. This reflects her long, stable kingship.

This so central and strong Mercury is placed  on the powerful Capella, star of the first magnitude and in conjunction with Mars which is natal Lord 10 of the job! Saturn – important as natal Lord 1 – is in its exaltation on royal Spica, very strong, only the conjunction with Neptune is not so nice. This Saturn makes a trine with the Mars/Mercury conjunction. A little further on in the tenth house we find the Sun, the general significator  of kingship on royal Aldebaran!


So far there is only very great power to be seen, but of course there are also countertones. On the MC, Jupiter is in its detriment on Prima Hyadum, the main star of the Hyads associated disappointments. Jupiter is Lord 7 of the partner, so this shows the great difficulties Prince Philip had in settling into his role. That it turned out well in the end, you can see in the disposition that Mercury has over Jupiter, Elisabeth kept control and could continue to steer things in the right direction.

The Moon, the general significator of the people, is also not optimal, it is trining the Sun but also in negative reception with the signifier of kingship. Yet this remains extremely powerful chart that clearly reflects her kingship. The only thing you would have changed asan  astrologer is to crown her fifteen minutes later, so that the Sun on Aldabaran is on the MC and you have got rid of the influence of the Hyads.

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