A horrible explosion took place in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital destroying the city partly. The cause turns out to have been a large amount of chemicals stored in the harbour, it was not terrorism. The past few years had been quite tense for the country, with the ongoing blood-shed in nearby Syria, violent demonstrations against the corrupt and weak government to which came the Corona crisis. So the explosion which has paralysed the largest part of Beirut’s important harbour took place at a moment the country had very big trouble solving its problems.

For astrology the question is of course if such a disaster could be predicted so that these things do not come as a complete surpise, just like a person who knows his progressions. In mundane astrology there are various methods to look at this, national natal charts (also on the basis of the Great Conjunctions), Aries ingress charts ( made for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again in spring)  and eclipse and lunation charts (a lunation is a New Moon or a Full Moon).  All these methods show in their own ways what is going to happen, but it is crucial  of course to be able to clearly distinguish big events from smaller ones.

As always in astrology effective prediction is the proof of the pudding. Also like in personal astrology context should be taken into account, an annual prediction for Lebanon is not quite the same as an annual prediction for Iceland! So one of the instruments in mundane astrology is the eclipse chart, the eclipse chart preceding the explosion should show lots of tensions. Click on the download button below to be able to view the chart for Beirut (eclipse on 21 June).

For every country in the world the planet postions in this chart are the same so what makes it specific for Lebanon is the factors that vary  strongly with location, so mainly the cusps. This eclipse is a solar eclipse, the light of the Sun will be put out by the Moon. In Beirut the Sun is Lord 1, so the country, that of course looks a bit grim. The Moon putting out the light of Lord 1 Is Lord 12 of self-destruction and indeed the indifferent authorities are to blame for this disaster. Striking is the conjunction of the eclipse degree with the North Node by antiscion, emphasizing the effect of the eclipse.

Lord 10, with Lord 1 the most important ruler in this mundane chart is on Prima Hyadum a malefic nebulous group of stars associated with violence, acidents and blindness. By antiscion Lord 10 is exactly on cusp 12 of self-destruction in opposition with Pluto Lord of Hades conjunct Jupiter, Lord 8 of death, exactly on the cusp of the sixth hosue of misfortunes on Terebellum, star of fate. Lots of frictions indeed!!

However, if we compare this chart for Beirut with the one calculated for Jerusalem, there is not too much difference and nothing comparable happened in Israel. How can this be explained? Only in the eclipse chart for Beirut Lord 10 ’ s antiscion is exactly on the cusp of the twelfth house of self-destruction, in Jerusalem it is not. Time and space condition life on earth.         

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