Messina Denaro, leader of the Sicilian mafia who had been a fugitive for decades, was recently arrested in Palermo. His nickname “Diabolik” leaves little to the imagination, he drew the usual trail of extreme and cruel violence, equally typical was that he could stay out of the hands of the police for so long. His birth data cannot be traced, but those of one of his predecessors with a very similar biography Salvatore Riina, alias “La Belva (The Beast)” who died in prison in 2017, can. Riina was also a fugitive for many years.

The question is whether you can see in the radix of these kinds of mafia bosses that they were tough criminals. You can give the answer without looking at a chart. No, you can’t because the horoscope does not show the moral state of an individual, that is very much a matter of free will. What you can see are the circumstances of the life, so that is in fact not that much different from horoscopes of ordinary people who  do not commit more than 50 murders in thir life.  Also a mafia boss can repent, as Oscar Wilde said: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”. 


Nevertheless, it is interesting to take a look at the radix of Riina, what emerges as a theme?  What immediately catches the eye is the emphasis on the IC, where an exalted retrograde Jupiter conjunct Pluto is found on royal Pollux. The IC is the family and that is of course of ery great importance. Pollux is the main star of Gemini, close brothers and fighters, Jupiter is Lord 12 of law-breaking and criminality and Pluto here is also rather appropriate as Lord of the Underworld. This constellation clearly describes his family root, although you can not immediately see that it is a mafia clan from Corleone.

Al Sarfah

The Lunar Mansion , the Manzil, is the core mythology in life and it is very striking, it is Al Sarfah the Lion’s Tail, so strongly connected to power struggle, violence and confrontation! The image of this Manzil is a warrior who is fighting a dragon, you can say that that was his central life theme. The star on the Ascendant is Hamal, the Southern and therefore meanest Ram’s horn, not a peaceful star od cours, which according to the description and makes brutal, criminal and violent. Lord 1 is Venus near Cusp 8 of death, the placement of Lord 1 in the radix shows what is automatically paid a lot of attention to. 


Both the Sun and Mercury conjunct  a powerful star from the Centaur Pholus, who mortally wounds himself by a poison arrow that has caused a bloodbath. The Centaurs are known as an uncivilized breed in which the raw instinct of their horse body quickly dominates. The Pars Fortunae is the planetary point of the Moon and it indicates the hunger, that which we can’t get enough of. It is close to Cusp 12 of transgressions and uncontrollable desires under disposition of Jupiter Lord 12 conjuncting the family IC.. So you can certainly see the life of Riina mirrored in various placements, but the fact remains that this could also be the radix of your neighbour.

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