Last week, we looked back at the 2023 Aries ingress chart, which in fact, calculated for Brussels, looked pretty tense. On March 20, the new ingress 2024 will start working and so we still have two months under the 2023 ingress. It could be that things will get out of hand in the next two months, but that seems unlikely. The question is how all the heightened tension in the world will develop in the coming year? From all sides we are now bombarded with the idea that a war with Russia is a real possibility, you would almost think that those in power want it.

Ingress 2024

What does the ingress for 2024 say about this? The ingress was calculated for Brussels as the capital of the EU, if things really would get out of hand it should be visible in that chart. Of course, it is true that each country has its own ingress, calculated for the capital of the country, although most countries of the EU will have Saturn as Ascendant Lord. So the ingress for Brussels will give a good indication of what we can expect. Of course, an ingress also has planetary positions that are the same everywhere.

Ingress 2024


The first thing you notice is the star on the Ascendant, which is Wega one of the bright elite stars of the first magnitude. Wega is the main star in the Lyre, a star of artists and teachers, which sounds peaceful enough, but the Lyre is also the Falling Vulture and that’s less fun. It seems that Wega often shows this vulture nature in mundane charts, which is not very reassuring. Something that descends threateningly from the sky is not what you really want to see.


Lord 1 is Saturn which is conjunct Venus, the planet of peace, on the cusp of the second house. Venus is in its exaltation so it will show its best side. That looks reassuring, Lord 1 is the most important  house ruler in a horoscope like this, it shows Europe “in its environment”, in the world. But through antiscion it looks less again, the South Node that forces to a painful sacrifice, stands with its antiscion on this Lord 1 / Venus conjunction. This means that, again via antiscion, Lord 1 /Venus is in opposition to Mercury on the enlarging North Node and Mercury is Lord 8 of death.


An activated Node’s axis always indicates important events, the Nodal axis with the opposition Lord 1-Lord 8 is also emphasized by the placement of the Pars of the Sun (the “inverted Taurus symbol”) on cusp 8 of death. Lord 7 of the opponents is the Moon that has just left its own sign (= own country) and is in opposition to Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld that strikes so suddenly, unexpectedly and overwhelmingly. The Part of the Moon or the Pars Fortunae emphasizes Uranus of painful limitation on the IC/MC axis. All in all, it doesn’t look relaxed at all, so it’s not yet time for us to be relieved!      

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