We have written on this blog before about the young Dutch Formula-1 driver Max Verstappen, who is the current leader in the battle for the world championship. There are now seven races to go, the last Grand Prix of the season is on 12 December and then it will be clear if Verstappen will win. It all has boiled down to a duel between Verstappen and sevenfold (!) world champion Lewis Hamilton, one of the two will win, it is the new kid on the block against the old hand. Last weekend it got out of hand, they bumped into each other and a third driver won the Grand Prix.

The Lion’s Glance

In a previous post we said this about Verstappen’s  progressions:” So it does not look bad at all for Verstappen in the next four months, that is a large part of the rest of the season, the last Grand Prix will be held on 12 December. Exactly in the period he has to achieve, the progressed Luminaries and the part of Fortune are found in a very favourable positions. The lunar mansion the Moon is moving through is Al Natrah, connected to ‘’conquest and victory”, its image is an eagle with a human head.  After Al Natrah comes Al Terf, the “Glance of the Lion’’ associated with confrontation and loss, indicating a more difficult phase at the very end of the season.”

Now this is correct because Verstappen is in the leading position, but Lewis Hamilton is right behind him. It has certainly not yet been decided, although Verstappen seems to hold the best cards. On 30 September however Verstappen will get a new solar return and this will of course be interesting to look at, if he is going to win, this solar return will have to show some very, very nice things. In his current solar return under which he moved up to the leader’s position Lord 1 was on very powerful Achernar (the solar wagon!)  near the MC and Lord 10 was on strong Wega in the seventh house. But how does this look in his return starting soon? Click on the download link below to view this new return.

At first sight this looks not bad at all!! The very powerful royal star Aldebaran is on the MC of “the job”. Mercury Lord 1 and 10 in the solar return, so very important is on another very powerful royal star Spica. So has it been decided, hmmm?? The difficult thing is to determine if these very strong royal stars mean that he will be champion or that he will end second which is a great achievement too. So is there something to be seen that indisputably points to the championship?

The Moon is on the MC by antiscion which is not bad but the Moon’s metal is silver and it is on  Castor the Twin dying in battle… Mars natal Lord 1 is combust and on Vindemiatrix the star of a premature harvest that goes wrong, very weak. Mercury mentioned above is on Spica but it is also retrograde and moving at a low speed. This is not what you want to see in Formula -1 you want to go fast forward not slow backward. So apart from these two very promising royal stars there are some points leading to doubts. Very, very clear indications for winning cannot be seen, so more investigations will be necessary.     

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