In classical astrology chart interpretations tend to be clear and explicit, not everything depends on your “spiritual” development or your increasing consciousness of your anima as a result of which everything would be possible. Therefore, it is a good practice to regularly make predictions (publicly!) and to come back to these predictions later. This is very instructive because in this way you are reading in the book of nature, the planets and the stars are where they are and nature is the teacher of the (celestial) art, Natura Artis Magistra.

Recently, we looked back at my delineation last year of the Aries ingress chart of 2019 which caused the Corona crisis and the conclusion was that it was not bad at all, but only too much based on the actuality then, Brexit (do you still remember what that was?).

Accurate prediction or mistake?

Late February I wrote on this blog that because this 2019 Aries ingress with Mars on Algol had caused the Corona crisis, we could soon expect improvement as late March we would have a new ingress chart without Algol. At first sight this seems to be a somewhat embarassing mistake but this not the case at all! As for the location where it all started, China and especially the Wuhan region, which is opening up again now, it was actually quite accurate! Moreover, if you follow the statistics of the crisis (not through the standard media that seem to be mainly spreading panic) you can see we seem to be reaching a turning-point, at least in The Netherlands (in the US it is different). The number of new infections has been going down over the past four days.


So what was missing in my prediction was location, I simply could not imagine that this crisis would also strike so dramatically in Europe and I was not the only one. Just like in real estate what counts in astrology is location, location and location but it is too much work to check every Aries ingress chart for every important location. Only within Europe there are huge differences, Italy is heavily affected, Sweden has not taken any measures! With a view to location, if you make the new Aries 2020 Ingress chart for Wuhan the expansive North Node, a kind of super Jupiter energy, is on the Ascendant, its opening up now. For Italy this new Ingress chart looks a bit different, you can view it by clicking on the download button below.

In the 2019 Ingress for Italy the villain was Mars on Algol right on the Descendant, that is why Italy is so heavily affected. This disastrous position is not found any more in the new 2020 Ingress as you can see but still this is not a nice chart. Of course, what matters are the fast moving specific factors like the cusps (on stars!) and the planet parts that make the difference. Only in Italy we have Saturn Lord 1 on the Saturn part of imprisonment and escape and only there the Ascendant is on the star Deneb Algedi, in the Capricorn constellation, the story of which is the confrontation with Typhon, that is death. However, what strikes the eye most, is the MC, not only the Pluto-Mars –Jupiter conjunction is on it by antiscion( position mirrored in the 0° Cancer- 0°Capricorn axis) but it falls right on Death star Antares! So in Italy it looks less positive than in many other countries which have the Ascendant on Altair the vulture returning  back to heaven. 

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