Last week we discussed Joe Biden’s inauguration chart, planned to take place on 20 January around noon (the usual time).This chart did not look too nice and this poses the question how previous inauguration charts showed what was going to happen. JF Kennedy’s presidency  is an obvious example, according to the data found on internet JFK’ s inauguration took place on 20 January (as usual), the precise time however was not 12:00 (as often) but 12:51. This produces the chart which can be viewed by clicking on the download-button below.

Striking the eye immediately is the Ascendant falling in the notorious crisis zone on the main star of the Pleiads, on Alcyone. The Pleiads are the Wheeping Sisters and there is not much positive to say about Alcyone, one of its key-words ia a violent death. As often in US inauguration charts Saturn is Lord 10 and it conjuncts Jupiter Lord 8 of death with a small orb of three degrees. With an even smaller orb Lord 8 sextiles Venus, as Lord 1 one of the most important hous rulers. Right on the MC Mercury is found, it is Lord 5 and the fifth house is the eighth derived from the tenth of the jobs, so the death of the job dominates the chart.  For every president there is always the real possibilty that he will have to leave before the end of his presidency, so we can see Lord 5 in this way.

Al Sad Al Abhiya

According to the Arabic lunar mansion system, the Moon is in Al Sad Al Abhiya, ruled by the Aquarius star Sadalmelek. The traditional texts on the Arabian mansions tend to be a bit veiled and seem to be quite corrupted but let it be clear that Sadalmelek is a very nasty star. Its key-words “extreme and sudden destruction” seem to be very appropriate  here. The ancient system of the 28 Arabian lunar mansions is based on the daily movement of the Moon to the background of the visible fixed stars. This fits the Moon as it especially symbolises earthly life. The Sun the other, higher Luminary stands for the heavenly and the divine, and it moves through an invisible so non-material zodiac.  

Part of Despair

The planet parts too contribute to the negative picture , the Mercury part (Asc – Part of Fortune + Pars Solis) is in opposition with Venus/ Lord 1. The Mercury part represents the essence of the planet’s energy, it is the  Part of Despair because here every connection with a higher dimension falls away, Mercury is the bare material fact and nothing more.

By checking the lunar returns calculated on the basis of the inauguration chart you can follow the presidency month by month and you can also see when  problems will arise. The lunar return before the murder on 22 November 1963 is crystal-clear (no picture given here). The Moon Lord 8 of Death in the lunar return is on the IC, Death Star Antares on the Ascendant, the nodal axis (entry / exit of life) on  the 2/8 (death) axis and star of fate Labrum, the poisoned Cup that will not pass you by on the MC!           

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