Last week the chart of Haiti was discussed, which was based on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that took place before the independence of the country (see last week’s post for the mundane radix). Haiti is the only country in the world in which slaves successfully rebelled against their suppressors and were able to found their own country. That is a wonderful story, sadly it has been going downhill steeply since. It has become almost impossible to live in Haiti, it is a murderous chaos of dehumanizing poverty, deforestation, anarchy, bloodshed and natural disaster. So it is not surprising that the eighth house of death dominates its natal chart.

At the moment the chaos seems to have reached a climax, in July the president was murdered and somewhat later there was a heavy earthquake. So probably the Haitian natal chart will show some tensions. In a mundane chart you can use all the prediction techniques you also apply in a natal chart for a person, although they have to be interpreted somewhat differently of course. The current progressions can be viewed by clicking on the download button below.

The progressions were calculated for early August, on 14 August there was this earthquake and a month before the president was murdered. The progressions are more than clear, also without taking the connections to the natal chart into account. For there is a progressed New Moon to be seen and this will always give a crisis. That is not the only thing, it is taking place on the Asc/Des -axis, which will increase its power to manifest in the world. That is bad but it is even worse as this happens near the nodal axis, so this is a progressed solar eclipse!

The Sun-light goes out during a solar eclipse (have you ever experienced one, quite scary actually) what this means needs no further explanation, that the president (the Sun) is murdered and total anarchy breaks out, fits this picture very much of course. It is striking how sharp we can time by the Moon’s progression, its speed is one degree a month, the president was murdered just after the fullness of the eclipse. It is not 100 %  exact but it is very sharp, you can easily spot the months the crisis will climax.

If you look a bit further, you will see the Moon passing over the progressed Mercury in its fall and detriment and over Pluto, both not very nice. On the longer term it will take some time for the situation to improve a bit. The MC is moving through the notorious Algol zone, from 25 Taurus to 9 Gemini where we find not only Algol itself but also the nasty Pleiads and the Hyads. It will take another six years for the MC to get out of this zone and then things might look up a bit. Once in  colonial times Haiti was known as the Pearl of the Antills but that time seems to be further away now than ever. 

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