In 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron changed the established political order in France like a bolt from the blue. With his movement En Marche – now renamed Renaissance – he brought about a radical change in the political landscape, he is always described as socially liberal. Above all, he wanted to occupy a middle position between left and right and he wanted to modernize France. The opposition to that policy is strong, his pension reform led to violent riotimng , “la rue” can rage strongly in France.


He has also suffered serious damage on other issues and his eternal opponent, the right-wing radical Marine Le Pen, is currently far ahead in the polls, although the elections are still a long way off. So it was time for a new impulse, Macron pushed Prime Minister Eilsabeth Borne aside and surprisingly made the very young Gabriel Attal Prime Minister. Borne was a bit of a cold technocrat, Attal is certainly more charming and can give new impetus with his youthfulness and bind new groups of young people to “Macronism”. He is called  the “Bébé Macron”, the young fresh version of the president. 


Attal is not yet 35 years old, and that begs the question of how his meteoric career shows up in his radix? On his MC is the Part of the Sun, the Part of Abundance or the Pars Solis and that is an indication of exceptional success. The planet parts  have a tangible effect on life when they are in conjunction or opposition with a radix factor within two degrees of orb. A planet part can best be interpreted as the pure and therefore very intensely active planetary energy. The planetary parts move very fast and are therefore extremely individual factors, they indicate something exceptional about a certain person, the Sun is the king and the power. Through antiscion, the Sun is also in opposition to the solar part, which makes the effect even stronger.


Baby Moon

In 2020, Attal started the Firdar (planet phase) of the Moon who is Lord 1, conjuncts royal Pollux and makes a trine with the Sun of power. Also, the Moon makes a trine with the strong Venus in exaltation, which is Lord 11 of the fruits of your labours (recognition). It is true that the Moon is in the very weak twelfth house, but through these two trines it can still work out in life, it escapes in this way from the house of great weakness. In this Firdar we also see his youth, after all, the Moon is the youngest planet and it is now very strongly emphasized.


Of course, Lord 10 is also important, the tenth house shows what “will be happening in your work”. Lord 10 is a peregrine Mars of conflict conjuncting  Jupiter of politics in detriment and that conjunction ison  the Pleiads, the nebulous star group associated  with disappointment and blindness. So that looks a bit less favourable. Could Attal really give the fresh  impulse that Macron so desperately needs?

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