The last, fourth week of Advent has begun and it is now almost Christmas. Astrologically, Christmas corresponds to the light of the Sun at its weakest with the entry of the Sun into Capricorn, the winter ingress. In our time we let the year start there, which is logical because the light is now beginning to come back. Capricorn is strongly connected in its symbolism with death, darkness and rebirth, which you see in the image of the Goat-Fish, the Goat is the earthly which  finally must come to an end, the Fish stands for the spiritual in which at death the earthly transforms, Capricorn symbolizes that transition.

Crescent Moon

At this birth of the spiritual light from the earthly dimension, the Moon energy plays a very large role, after all, the Moon with its changing nature is the great symbol for earthly life. Only from the totally pure energy of the Moon can the light now be born. This is reflected in the Christian celebration of Christmas, in which Mary as the holy Mother of God is of course central. Often you see Mary depicted standing on the Crescent Moon which shows that the whole dimension of the earthly life symbolized by the Moon is controlled and purified by her. That is why Christ – the Sun – can be born of her, according to tradition she is completely free from the stain of sin, from attachment to the earthly. She has  completely mastered the lunar forces, which is why she stands on the Crescent Moon.


This symbolism of the Moon is reflected in a surprising way in the mistletoe from which the Christmas wreath is traditionally woven. The mistletoe is a very special plant in which the energy of the Moon works in a very, very stronge and pure way. If you have ever seen the beautiful white berries of the mistletoe, that will be clear, these are lunar energies! Also, in the leaf of mistletoe, the splitting into two halves can  be seen very emphatically, and this duality is nothing but the earthly of which the Moon is the great symbol.

In this strongly lunar nature you can see the reason why the mistletoe is used at Christmas. After all, in order for the light to be born, you need a pure lunar force like Mary in Christianity. That lunar force can harmonize all earthly things and that is the peace of Christmas. This is also what is called “sympathy” in medical astrology, the pure energy of the Moon of the mistletoe  can harmonize all unbalanced lunar energy. That is why it is also possible  to kiss under the mistletoe without consequences, there the earthly energy of the Moon is pure and harmonized and all evil is banished. 


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