A most famous and influential talkshow on Dutch TV  “De Wereld Draait Door”wil soon be broadcast for the last time, translated into English it is called something like The World Keeps Turning, the well-known Dutch abbreviation is “DWDD”. There can be no doubt, the talkshow pivots totally on host Matthijs van Nieuwkerk who has made it into a very big success. For 15 years every week-day the show was broadcast on prime time, and now at the moment it stops, it is still very, very popular. DWDD launched more than one career of musicians, comedians and scientists, being a guest in DWDD  was guarantee for a lot of public attention. Most certainly, it was the most successful and influential talkshow of the past twenty year.

So in DWDD’s chart (calculated for the start of its first broadcast, click on the download button above to view it) we may expect some interesting planet positions and indeed we are not disappointed. Immediately striking the eye are the three angular planets, the Moon as one of the Luminaries in the tenth house of public activity, not too bad for success and Great Benefic expansive Jupiter with Mercury the talking planet in the seventh house of others. Many angular planets is one important indicator for succes, in the angular houses you can manifest yourself powerfully in the world.


One of DWDD’s  selling-points was speed, there was never much time for anything and the rolling RRRR in the announcement at the start of the talkshow made it clear that this was not going to be a moment of deep reflection. All three angular planets move much faster than average, as above so below, what is shown up there will manifest down here. Of course, expansive Jupiter does not like to be stopped and Jupiter is not only placed near the descendant of other people but also on the royal fixed star Spica, bringing more success than you might have expected. Jupiter is also Lord 9 of the house of ideas and the sociopolitical items in DWDD often became topics of many discussions. Apart from angular planets powerful fixed stars are a condition for achieving fame.


The fast Moon Lord 5 of entertainment in the tenth house is placed on Vega, the powerful main star of the first magnitude in the artistic Lyre and yes music was always important in DWDD. Spica and Vega is quite a power-house but Mars /Lord 1 is also near Algol, which can indeed bring disaster but it can also provide a glamorous force of attraction (and sometimes both, because essentially they are the same thing). Donald Trump has his MC on Algol and this is one of the reasons of his most remarkable success. Apart from powerful fixed stars and angular planets the seven planet parts should also be analysed because they indicate a special, very concentrated focus.

Planet parts represent the pure “raw” energies out off which the planets are “made” an a conjunction or opposition  (do not forget antiscia!) of a part with a radix factor or with another part will activate such a focussed energy in the life. This is not only psychological but also concrete!! In this chart the Part of Mercury (Asc + Part of Fortune – Part of the Sun ) is on the descendant of others,  yes it is a talkshow. The Venus Part (Asc +   Part of the Part Of Fortune), also to be seen as the Part of “super-abundance” is on Jupiter, DWDD was always nice, not to say very, very politically correct. The Jupiter Part of Victory (Asc + Jup – Part of the  Sun) and the Sun,  Part of Abundance are conjunct in the tenth house of public activity. The parts shows very clearly how precise charts are, four minutes later the Mercury Part is not on the descendant any more!

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