Last week the United Nations could celebrate their 75th birthday and the Dutch king made a speech about the wonderful work of “the men and women’’ in the UN. That was very nice but the question  is, was the king justified in speaking in such a positive way about it? Is the UN really  this nice organisation that will bring health, prosperity and peace to the world?


The Dutch still remember very well the drama in Sebrenica during the Bosnian wars. Because of the cowardice and incompetence of the UN, our soldiers had to deal with an impossible and extremely dangerous situation and psychopath Ratko Mladic could murder 8000 Bosnian muslim men. No one in the UN ever took responsibility, the soldiers involved had to deal with psychological problems for years and were mocked and shamed!

Worls Gates Organisation

Also now in the Corona crisis the UN’s World Health Organisation WHO plays a role of importance, but the WHO is partly financed by the pharmaceutical industry and Bill Gates. The Ethiopian WHO boss came from  Gates’ network but the UN again looks away from the problem, so we may expect some weak  and very problematic position in the UN chart.

UN radix    

The UN was born on 24 October 1945 in San Francisco, for this date the chart above was calculated (click on the download button). The time is midnight as juridically the UN started to function then. Such a de jure chart is not ideal, although it seems to give adequate results in the progressions, so we can accept it. Immediately the sugary UN image crumbles, the Lord of Hades is right on the Ascendant and yes the UN is the arena of merciless manipulations and raw deadly power struggles as the Sebrenica drama has shown.

Lord 10 of public activity is Venus, strong in her Libra domicile, not bad for an organisation working for peace. Unfortunately, Venus conjuncts chaotic Neptune diminishing its effectivity. Maybe it is not totally honest to call the UN a “toothless tiger”, but effective action is not really their thing. These well-known soldiers with their blue helmets are an impossible ”UN army”, they cannot fight  themselves, they are supposed to stop others from fighting.

Lame Mars

Astrologically , so essentially this is very problematic. Mars is the army and it is supposed to fight, that is Mars’ nature. If you deploy soldiers for peace-keeping you go against Mars’ essence and you rob it from its power, you lame it. This can be clearly seen in the UN’s chart, Mars is in its fall in Cancer in the weakening twelfth house of self-destruction, a lame Mars wearing a blue helmet. This very weak Mars is also conjunct Saturn in its detriment, Saturn is good at calming down others but not if it is placed  in its detriment. This conjunction is on two powerful stars, Procyon and Pollux, but this cannot compensate for the dangerous weakness of Saturn and Mars.

Here the Sebrenica drama can be seen, the UN sent in soldiers not equipped or allowed to fight (Mars in fall)  and when it went wrong they left everybody to their own devices (twelfth house). The UN is in need of an astrologer, it seems. Or better still:  liquidate it now and start again under good stars!   

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