It is 80 years ago today that the invasion of Normandy began, which would put an end to the satanic Nazi regime and that will be of course celebrated in a big way. There is also an astrological side to this because, as is well known, the Nazi regime made use of all “occult” sciences, including astrology. Undoubtedly, the Nazi astrologers had been also looking for the time of the invasion, although I don’t know anything about how that happened or who was involved. It is clear that the Nazi astrologers of that time did not know the classical techniques and perhaps we should be happy about that.

German radix

Because if we start from the technique of the Great Conjunctions to make a birth chart of a country, that time of the invasion is not so difficult to see, the data of the German radix then become 21 October 1861, 13:15:54 LMT, Berlin with Asc 14.53 Capricorn. From this mundane radix you can calculate progressions, which is a very direct approach, that radix shows what happens to Germany just like with a person. Of course, you can also look at things in other ways, for example there is also a chart for Nazi Germany and there are various other mundane techniques, but this is in any case a very effective and clear approach.

Progressies D Day


In the progressions, you look at six factors to see the main lines, the secondary-progressed Sun and Moon, the primary directions of the axes, and the progressions of the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis. The Sun and its axes are the slow factors that move at about 1 degree per year, the Moon and the Parts are the fast factors that move at one degree per month. Even without lunar returns, you can already find the month that something is going to happen, it is a very powerful prediction palette. In the progressions of D-Day, it immediately strikes the eye that the Ascendant is on Rigel, a violent Orion star, the arrogant and successful Hunter Orion is stabbed to death by the scorpion! The Asc is also on the radix-Uranus of painful limitation, Uranus is the castrated sky god. 


Via antiscion, this direction of the Ascendant also moves over the German natal Ascendant! The progressed Sun makes a cazimi conjunction with the progressed Mercury, which is therefore unstoppable and Mercury is Lord 6 of adversity in the German radix. Through antiscion, this progression falls on the German radix- Venus Lord 4 of the territory, which is on Antares the star of death (again the venom of the scorpion!). The direction of the MC moves through antiscion over the radix-MC of Germany. All three slow factors show that something very important is happening in 1944. It is clear from the context what that will be.


Now you can use the quick factors to determine the month and that too is obvious. The Pars Fortunae enters Scorpio in June ’44 and activates ruler Mars, the attack. The Pars Solis enters Capricorn and activates Saturn, which in the German radix is in House 8 of death and via antiscion in opposition to Mars. The Moon is on Aldebaran, the intensely red Eye of the Bull, a mighty, very martial star and passes through the Lunar Mansion of Al Dabahran,associated with  the image of a ferociously galloping warrior on horseback. Fortunately, the Nazi astrologers were modern-astrologically and therefore poorly trained. History might have turned out differently if they had known the effective traditional methods!                    

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