Times are strange now that the Air-period has begun. The final entry of the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter into the Air signs has not only brought the Corona crisis, you can also see it in other phenomena. One of the characteristics of the Air element is abstraction, as it is the opposite of concrete Earth. The rise of the Bitcoin and many other crypocurrencies illustrate this very well, it is money which nas no connection any more with any tangible substance. It is pure Air play which may make you very rich by the way.

Another nice example is the sale of the first Tweet ever last month by twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. It was sold for 2,5 million Euros, for this the buyer receives a so-called NFT a  Non Fungible Token, a document stating you are the owner of the first Tweet. You can’t get much more Airy than that. There is almost nothing tangible, only an official document proving your ownership, whatever that may mean. So note this well, you can certainly sell Air.

So it would be interesting to take a look at this first Tweet chart, which can be regarded as the Twitter radix, click on the link above to view it. Striking the eye is the star on the Ascendant, the South Scale a royal star that will give a lot of succes. The South Scale is also the Scorpion’s Claw which can strike in a merciless way, and yes just think of the political effects of some tweets. The Great Benefic Jupiter is placed in the first house on the other Claw, so behind the innocent birdy logo lurks a dark heart. Jupiter is Lord 2 of value and Lord 5 of pleasure so that is positive, although Jupiter is almost standing still.

It is the planet part of Saturn that shows what this means, the Saturn part is the essence of the planetary energy and as a planet part it indicates a very intense special motive. The Saturn part is placed  at 16.56 Scorpio in the middle of Jupiter and the Ascendant, so it is very important. It does reflect the essence of Twitter very clearly, tweets have to be  very short, you can only use a very limited amount of characters. If the house rulership of Saturn is added to the delineation of the Part, it is even clearer, Saturn is Lord 3 of routine communications. The stationary Jupiter also shows this, Jupiter wants to make it long but it is not allowed to.

The Fragmenter

Lord 3 itself, relevant of course in this context, is in its detriment conjuncting the Part of Fortune on Praesepe, the mighty Fragmenter. The Part of Fortune is the Part of the Moon or Hunger, and together with this very weak Saturn/ Lord 3 in detriment unable to give limitations, this indicates the ever continuing stream of mud produced by Twitter. Social is a bit of a euphemism, something which is comfirmed by the extremely weak Mercury in it fall and detriment, it is not really communication. Mercurry is on the powerful star Achernar the Mouth of the River, so yes a stream. Of twittering as the name tells us..     

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