Some time ago India seemed to have gained control over the Corona-virus and all kinds of political and also relgious activities weer permitted again. The measures against the virus were forgotten soon as just like before Corona masses of  believers took a bath in the Ganges, without keeping any distance of course. The consequences manifested soon after, within a short time an enormous crisis situation developed, with apocalyptic pictures of improvised crematoriums and long lines of seriously ill patients waiting for a hospital bed.

Now India is a country where astrology is still highly respected, did the politicians fail to consult astrologers or did they refuse to follow their advice because of the direct political gain opening up woud bring? There are several ways to look at the developments in a country, for example you could take the country’s radix and simply analyse progressions /directions and return charts. As always in prediction, it is very important to take into account the context, you will  be extra alert  of course if there is a pandemic going on.

The solar return based on the chart of the indepedence of modern India from the English, should have been reason for serious worries. Had the time reallly come to open up?Click on the link above to view the current solar return which will be operative till August this year (radix India: 15 August 1947, 0:00 Dehli chart not given here). The South Node is on the Ascendant, an on the South Node  painful sacrifices wil have to be made, in itself this is enough reason not be too optimistic. Astrology can be useful, also for politicians.

The other positions in the chart comfirm this, on the MC, the point indicating specifically the government, the star Vindemiatrix is found, it can be associated with premature harvesting with dire consequences. This star warns for over-confidence, the idea that you know everything before you have really understood the situation. Lord 10 of the government is in antiscial opposition with the Ascendant, an indication that that government will harm the country, this antiscion is on the North Node which tends to make you too dynamic.

In the first house, it does not look good either, Lord 1/ Jupiter is weak retrogade and in its fall. The Moon is Lord 8 of Death and in in antiscial opposition with  Jupiter / Lord 1 – India – , the Moon itself is placed in the sixth house of illness on mighty Aldebaran giving it much more power. Jupiter/ Lord 1 conjuncts the Part of the Sun, the vital enegy essence which is then also in antiscial opposition with the Moon/ Lord 8 of Death! That should have been more than enough reason to wait and see and to speed up vaccination as much as possible.     

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