At the end of December we wrote the following on this blog about the developments in the horoscope of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: “The progressive Moon is also of great importance, the Moon is Lord 10 of the job in the radix. At the moment, the Moon is not under pressure, but it is on its way to Antares, the star that brings the end. He’s not there yet, that’s going to take another four months. What does all this mean now? The tension of the moment is clearly visible and it is not over yet, especially the opposition of the PF with Uranus to the MC. That opposition will have influence for another month or two. In about four months, the PF will come into opposition with Pluto when the Moon is on Antares. So it does not look like the tensions will subside for BoJo in the new year, around April there is another precarious moment on the way.”

Increasing tensions

So far that turned out to be true, the whole scandal around the English prime minister that has now come to be called Partygate, is not yet over. A report has come out that was not exactly favorable for Boris Johnson, the support he has in his own Conservative party is waning and there is also an investigation carried out by the police. The results of this investigation are not yet known, so in view of the Moon approaching Antares and the PF applicating on the opposition with Pluto, it is not yet time for him to sit back relieved.

That is what the progressions show, but what does the current solar return have to say, the annual horoscope that indicates how the developments visible in the progressions will work out further? It is immediately clear from the solar return that it will be a year of fighting because fiery Mars is on the Ascendant. The fighting planet is Lord 10 of the job in the return and in the radix Lord 7 of enemies so it is clear that there will be a battle around his position as the prime minister. On the ascendant of the solar return Praesepe is found, the Empty Manger, a star of crisis that has to do with great division, chaos and loss.

South node exit

That position alone is enough to cause major problems, a star on the Ascendant of a solar return has a lot of influence on the year.  But are there indications in the return that he will actually have to resign, his progressions do not exclude that.  Only this Mars on the Ascendant is not enough to show that, but there is indeed more that points to an end. The Part of Fortune in the solar return, projected from the solar return ascendant with the radix arc, always points to something that will play a major role that year. The PF is conjunct the South Node, the point where a painful sacrifice is required, and on the star Antares, which indicates the end of a cycle.

The PF on the very painful South Node on the Death Star is in opposition via antiscion with the Pars of the Sun in the radix, which could indicate a break with the Solar position, the premiership. The PF is also the planetary point of the Moon and to get more specific information about the effect of a planet point you can also look at the house that the planet rules in the radix. That is the tenth house of the position which could therefore be an indication that he will have to resign. If we look at the profections in which every year gets a house (in the first year of life the first house and so on) then this year we have arrived in the tenth house of the position. In the radix the Moon is Lord 10 that has just gone to his fall in Scorpio, so that doesn’t look so good for him either. The tension is still rising, if the upcoming lunar returns are unfavorable, it could actually be so that BoJo will have to resign. We will investigate this in another post.

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