Last week we discussed John F. Kennedy’s inauguration chart and how it was indicated that it all would end so dramatically. It was also shown that it is simply possible to make lunar returns on the basis of an inauguration chart to check the monthly developments in the presidency. JFK’s murder was clearly shown by the relevant lunar return. The time-scale of months is very approriate for a presidency which lasts for four years (48 months), therefore we could also use another prediction method on the months’ scale, the tertiary directions. Today we will apply these to Kennedy’s inauguration chart, next week we will investigate how this looks for Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

1 Day = 1 Month

The tertiary directions work on the basis of a 1 day = 1 Month key, like the secundary progressions found by a 1 Day = 1 Year measure. In this calculation you will take the astronomical /astrological month of 28 days, not the conventional calendar month. In this way you get a calculation date for a chart showing the positions working out in a certain month, just like the seconday progressions only on a shorter time-scale. It is important to see clearly that this is the only thing progressions or directions show! The chart picture is not a chart, there is no such thing as a directed or progressed chart, there are only progressed or directed positions.    

To view the tertiary directions of the month JFK was murdered, click on the download  button above. It is good to realise that if you move the calculation date one day further, you will get the positions working out a month later. For one day is one month. The difference in speed of the  various directed factors is also be noticed, the Moon and the Parts of the Luminaries ( the Part of Fortune and Part of the Sun) are fast, in a day (= a month) they move about thirteen degrees, for the slow factors the  Sun, MC and Asc this is about one degree.

It strikes the eye that in the tertiary directions violent Mars has come back to its “radix” (inauguration, see last week’s post) position. Malefic Mars is in its fall so it will show ist nastiest side. The MC moves over the star Achernar associated with the fall of the solar chariot, steered of course by the president (in mythology by Phaeton). The Moon is on the very smart but violent Dog Star Procyon (Lee Harvey Oswald?) opposing directed Saturn (Lord 10 of the position) and Jupiter (Lord 8 of Death) placed on the star of fate Terebellum.

Al Natrah

The Part of the Moon (Part of Fortune)  is by antiscion on the MC of the job and it will be entering Sagittarius soon (the PoF moves 13 degrees a day), activating its ruler Jupiter Lord 8 of Death. The leader-Sun is moving over the South Node, symbolising exit. The indications are over-whelming and the  Arabic Mansions of the Moon seem to add relevant information here too. The Moon is moving from Aldira to Al Natrah, Aldira is ruled by Castor the dying brother (the Kennedy’s were very much a family) and Al Natrah is malefic Praesepe’s mansion, also know as “the Gap”!Next week we will look at Joe Biden’s inauguration chart in the same way.      

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