The British royal family has a big problem after an interview with (ex-) Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. Some time ago Harry and  Meghan left London and the royal duties behind to live their own lifes in the United States. Thiswas not too much appreciated of course, but now the interview with Oprah Winfrey is like a bomb going off. The best-known royal family in the world is accused of all kinds of nasty things, among which even racism. The writers of The Crown, the immensely popular Neflix series about the Windsors, can get to work again, there is more than  sufficient new material.

The astrological question is, could we have seen this bomb coming in Queen Eliabeth’s chart? It would be a good idea if the Windsors would appoint an official traditional court astrologer. Probably they don’t consult astrologers and of course you cannot control events just like that by astrology, but it does help if you know what is going to happen. If you know there are problems with Harry and Meghan, it can be seen if his will really get out off hand. Click on the link below to view the current progressions in Queen Elisabeth’s chart

Here you can see how astrology always worked, for astrologers in the past were in most cases court astrologers working for tthe temporal and  the spiritual authorities (the medieval church did not reject the traditional astrology of her time, the modern church does reject New Age astrology as it often pretends to be a religion). The court astrologer could get all the inside information and then astrology works optimally, you always need as much context knowledge as possible. In our times this is still the case, it works best with clients wo regularly ask for advice, the astrologer knows their history and situation, so he can can decide what a certain position in the chart, which theoretically could point at more than  one development only, means.

It is immediately clear from the Queen’s progresions that important developments can be expected. The primary Ascendant is entering a new sign and this indicates that she will  beconfronted with drastic changes, a new situation will come into existence. Progressed Venus  is closeby and by antiscion it is on the Ascendant, Venus is natal Lord 4 so it will concern the family. As a court astrologer with all the context knowldege, even this would suffice. It is also clear that there will be a lot of tensions as there is a progressed Full Moon coming up, the Moon still has four degrees to go to make it full.

At Full Moon!!

A progressed Full Moon always indicates a very tense key moment, but in a royal chart like this one it has an extra dimension. The Sun is the ruler and the Moon is the people opposing each other, so this is not good for popularity. The Moon is changing sign, so sign ruler Saturn is very much activated, in the natal chart Saturn is Lord 1 (in the radix placed on the MC) , giving it all even more emphasis.  Automatically the Part of Fortune (the Part of the Moon) and the Pars Solis (the Part of the Sun) will conjunct on the descendant when we have a progressed Full Moon, so that does not count in prediction. What is not automatically so, is the opposition the parts will be making, antiscial and direct with progressed Venus  / Lord 4 of the family. The exact Full Moon still has to happen, so this is not over yet.      

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