On New Year’s Eve, Pope Emeritus Benedict died and with that a somewhat bizarre situation ended in which there were two popes , one in office and one of whom no one could actually say what he was exactly. When Benedict stepped down as pope in February 2013, a thunder bolt struck St. Peter’s and that could be a good symbol of the situation that had led to his resignation. The real reason Benedict resigned was  the pressure exerted by extremely progressive circles who disagreed with what they considered to be the pope’s too conservative course.


These progressive circles, fans of Jorge Bergoglio, the current Pope Francis, had previously tried to make an outspoken progressive candidate pope and are known as the St Gallen Mafia. The connections of the members of this group of cardinals and bishops are rather dark as the name suggests, the whole story is far too complex to tell here. There are indications however of links with Theodore McCarrick, a once powerful cardinal convicted and expelled from the clergy for sexual abuse.

There are even indications of contacts with the O.T.O., de Ordo Templis Orientis, an organisation  engaging in black magic and active in St Gallen where the mafia met. The “red binder” could also have played a role, a report on sexual and financial abuses in high Vatican circles. There was probably a fear that Benedict would take action against the (progressive) prelates mentioned in the report. In any case, it is striking that Franciscus did not act on it and even protected and promoted the prelates mentioned in the red binder…


Be that as it may, what of all this  can be seen in the radix of the late “emeritus pope”?  What strikes the eye immediately, is the strong Jupiter in its own sign Pisces on the Ascendant. Jupiter is not only the general indicator of religions and priests but also Lord 1 of the person, Lord 10 of the profession and Lord 9 of spirituality!  This Jupiter is placed in its own sign and will therefore mainly be guided by its own ideas. Saturn on cusp 9 of religion shows that Benedict was indeed not one of the most progressive prelates, Saturn is placed on mighty royal Antares, one of his most important acts was to expand the possibilities to celebrate the old Latin mass again. He felt that the reformers in the church had gone too far in banning it.

Al Pherg

However, Antares the Heart of The Scorpio on cusp 9 is also the star of the end of a cycle, an indication of his resignation, on the MC there is also Aculeus a nebula in Scorpio’s Sting, a nebula indicates things you cannot see. Saturn on cusp 9 of the church is also Lord 12 of hidden enemies. The Sun of his leadership strong in his exaltation in Aries stands on the  star of fate Al Pherg in the Cord of Pisces, which is also associated with the end of the old cycle. That he was not really mild in his discussions with others, you can see in the fiery Mars via antiscion on the expansive North Node on Betelgeuze in the violent Hunter Orion and square Mercury Lord 7 of others.  Not a peaceful position: God’s Rottweiler. So we see a lot of indications for conflict, secrets, and a cycle that ends.

The Lunar Mansion is Al Awwa the Virgin’s Wing that has a lot to do with love, very appropriate as a basic myth for a pope. The planet parts also  have somehing important to add. The Part of Fortune , showning the hunger of the soul is in conjunction with the Part of Jupiter – ”help from above’-  in the sixth house of sickness and misfortune, as a falling house the sixth shows the consequences of our fall into the matter.

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