In last week’s post the sudden death of the French billionaire and politician Olivier Dassault (yes, the aeroplanes) was discussed by an analyis of his progressions. Not only could it be seen clearly in his natal chart how he would die, his progressed positions also mirrored by a very strong cumulation of negative indications (it cannot be emphasized enough that it should really be a cumulation)  when. In astrology there are more prediction methods than only progressions and one of the easiest are the profections, in profections every year is given a house, per year this moves one house further. The active profection house, its Lord, the star on the cusp, the nature of the house and the planets / factors in the house describe the year, this works optimally with Placidus houses.

The whole profection cycle starts in the first year of life (so when your age is “zero”), which is described by the first house. Before looking at his profections however, it is a good idea to cast a short glance at Olivier Dassult’s natal chart (click on the link below to see it). Immediately striking the eye is Pluto on the MC, yes she was plutonically rich, the Hades is associated with “subterranean” riches. The reason for this is exactly our mortality, we need means of existence because we have a mortal body,  but it is not more than that. Dassault’s Lord 2 is Jupiter, the General Significator of wealth, moderately strong with triplicity dignity. Jupiter is placed in the fifth house of family money and it is Lord 5. Jupiter sextiles Mars / Lord 1 (person) placed on mighty Aldebaran associated with material succes.

Filled Cup

The Part of the Sun, also called the Part of Affluence, is on mighty royal Antares in opposition with Lord 1, an opposition indicates tensions but it is still is a connection. It is remarkable that Lord 4 of the family is on Labrum, a star of fate we often see this in charts of people in whose lives the family background determines many things. Labrum is the main star in the Cup that has to be filled at a well, it certainly was. So it can be seen that financial delineation covers a lot more than only the second house.   

Tenth profection

The activated profection house in this year of his death, is the tenth. Yes Pluto the Lord of the Dead is on the cup. Lord 10 is the Sun in the eighth house of Death conjuncting Mars / Lord 1 (the body, the person) on martially red Aldebaran associated with accidents! This is so nice about profections, they are simple, but still crystal-clear. You can also look at month profections, the first month is connected to the active profection house – in this case the tenth – and the next  month it is moved  to the next house from there and so on. The month profection at the moment of his death is in the sixth house of misfortune, Lord 6 is again this dangerous Mars/Lord 1 on Aldebaran in the house of death!

His Firdar (life phase of many years) Lord is again this Mars, his Subfirdar Lord (ruling shorter periods) is Jupiter sextiling Mars. On the day of his fatal accident transit- Mercury, natal Lord 8 of Death, was passing over the IC and opposing Pluto! So even without progressions and returns a lot can be seen.   


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