This week we will not look at an actual chart but at the medical-astrological analysis of the corona virus which has now also reached Europe. The traditional astromedical model did not include viruses and bacteria, but it was aware of infection diseases. The idea is that an infection will only make you really ill if your body is in an unbalanced state, if you are balanced it will be much easier to deal with an infection.This is confirmed by the statistics, the greater part of the infected persons only develops mild symptoms , the infection is the most dangerous for the elderly (just like the flue).

In order to be able to say something more about the corona disease from the perspective of medical astrology, we need to describe it in terms of the medical-astrological model by looking at its “signature”. In the traditional model a disease is caused by an excess of one the elements or “humors” which has disturbed the balance in the body. Viruses and bacteria can only become real pathogenics in such an unbalanced “surroundings”, they are a reality, by they are not more than one factor in the whole pathogenic process.


The corona symptoms look like those of the flue, which is a phlegmatic disease, so an illness caused by the Water element. Winter is the phlegm season when this humor is strong, therefore we have these waves of flue mosty in February when the phlegm peaks. The corona disease is not a flue but it shows all charactertistic of a similar phlegm disease, the coughing, the fever and the problems in the lungs, although it is obviously more serious than flue. According to the traditional perspective phlegm is accumulated in the lungs so there we see a lot of problems in case of phlegm excess. Older people naturally have more phlegm, so they are more vulnerable, old age is the phlegmatic phase of life. That corona strikes in winter is logical, winter is the phlegmatic season and this is also exactly the time we have a very weak retrograde Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces, Mercury is the planet of the lungs.

What to do?

To protect the body optimally against the virus, the amount of phlegm has to be kept low. Hot spicy  foods are good,  like red pepper which also contains a lot of Vitamin-C strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C can be associated with the Water element, so it can regulate Water, you can take up to 4 grams daily extra in these times. Good herbs are thyme, very hot and dry against the cold and moist phlegm and anti-phlegmatic elder (tea mixture till 12 grams daily), good Chinese herbs would be heating astralagus and reishi mushrooms.


A good heating oil is mustard oil (in the food or on the body) ,as a stone a martial heliotrope (wear with skin contact )would be effective as it mobilizes the martial fighting power in the body stimulating the immune system. Aromatherapeutically pine tree oil or eucalyptus oil would be fine. All these measures strengthen the lungs and diminish the amount of phlegm so that a possible infection will be fought off much easier. Especially when you show symptoms of a slight phlegm excess in the lungs (coughing, sneezing, shorter breath), it would make sense to take these measures.      

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