Corona Horary

First this: the regular readers of this blog will remember the horary chart above, which I discussed last year. The question was how long the Corona crisis would continue in The Netherlands, The Netherlands is ”We” and so Lord 1 in this horary. The question was asked in mid-April 2020 and it can be seen that the condition of the country had deteriorated recently. The Moon (we) is placed in the sixth house of illness and has entered its detriment five degrees ago, you can count degrees as weeks here. Because the Moon still had 25 degrees = 25 weeks to travel (from mid-April when I asked the question)  to leave its detriment, I predicted that an improvement would come late October/Early November. This happened (you can check the statistics) but that was not the end of the Corona story. 

The condition of the Moon will indeed improve when it leaves Capricorn, but it will be moving through the eighth house of death for another 18 degrees. The eighth house is a dark malefic house, appropriately enough the “shadow of death”, so it will really be over when the Moon enters the ninth house. The infection peak around Christmas can also be seen in the chart, this is the Moon conjuncting peregine malefic Mars in the eighth house. The Moon has 44 degrees to travel before it can  leave the House of Death behind, so this is 44 weeks from mid-April last year, mid-March. We are nearly there, the Moon is not going to do any suspicious things in the chart any more. So it seems that the vaccinations will keep the vulnerable groups effectively out of the hospital, so that the pressure on the health care system will diminish. This would be the beginning of the end of the crisis.   

Larry Flynt

In all this Corona drama you may have failed to notice that a notorious person died last week, “porn mogul” Larry Flynt. In the seventies (when else?) he began to publish Hustler magazine, a kind of counterpart of Hugh Hefner’s more famous Playboy. Just like Hefner he became involved in several legal battles, accused of spreading obscenity, there was even more reason for this in his case. Hefner with Venus in its exaltation in his radix focussed on more esthetic soft nudity, redneck Flynt with his Venus in Scorpio was “explicit”, click on the link below to view Flynt’s radix.   

It cannot be over-looked, there are no less than four planets in the fifth house of pleasure and Lord 5 is Venus in its detriment in Scorpio. This is an indecent Venus, she is disposed by Mars, the general signficator of sexuality very strong and nearby, Mars is not known for its subtlety or refined taste. Mars as well as the other male planet the Sun harm Venus by negative reception (every planet in Scorpio harms Venus because Venus has its detriment in Scorpio). This only makes Venus’ condition worse, Flynt after all became a porn mogul, with the slogan : “relax it is just sex.”     

The South Node on the MC shows the legal battles about which a film “The People versus Larry Flynt” was even made, on the MC the first-magnitude star Fomalhout is found, a star of a Venus-Mercury nature, appopriate for a magazine featuring nudity. Mercury of magazines is Lord 1 on royal Spica in the fifth house of pleasure sextiling Jupiter, General Significator of wealth, strong in its exaltation in the second house of money on powerful  Procyon, the smart little dog that defies the powers that be. A planet in its exaltation always tends to exaggerate, certainly is if it is expansive Jupiter. The star Al Hecka is on the Ascendant, the Southern Horn of the Bull which has a pure Mars nature. Fighting and provocation comes naturally.

To make this chart, which almost looks like an election as its parts so smoothy support each other, complete:  the Moon is in the lunar mansion Al Terf, the Glance of the Lion. This is the part of the Leo constellation (a lunar mansion is essentially a zone within a constellation with a special focus , that has to do with confrontation with the authorities. Its image quite appopriately is a man covering his eyes. A lunar mansion will function as a central motive, as a basic theme giving direction to the rest of the chart as can be seen here so clearly.      

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