Last week the dramatic  events in the US were discussed, now there are problem in The Netherlands. The curfew imposed on Saturday caused cropped-up frustrations about the Corona crisis to burst out, rioters mixed with demonstrators against the Corona measures and created havoc. The police were forced to take hard action, this was a bit more fierce than just the usual rioting taking place now and then .So it is interesting to take a look at what is happening in the chart of The Netherlands. The best Dutch radix is the chart of the exact moment of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter preceding the foundation of the Dutch state.   

This Dutch radix will not be discussed here as this has been done before, those who are interested to investigate this GC-radix, the data are 4 September 1563, 18:15:30 LMT, Amsterdam, Asc  28.55 Aquarius. It is a remarkable fact that in these times the star Ful Al Hut, the Mouth of the Fish was on the Ascendant. In Fum Al Hut or Fomalhout Aquarius pours out the water form his jar, this is sweet water, so not the wild salt water  any more. Here a major Dutch myth can be seen, myth is what the stars indicate.

The current lunar return based on this GC-radix, made more than 450 years later, can be seen by clicking on the download button above. This Lunar Retrun took place on 9 January and will be in force till 5 February, it shows the state of the Netherlands this month. What strikes the eye immediately is the Sun, the general signficator of authorities on the Ascendant, so they will manifets very strongly this month. You can say that, for the first time since the German occupation in the Second World War a curfew was imposed and this will trigger a strong reaction as the Sun in Capricorn is in “negative reception” with the Moon. Every planet in Capricorn harms the Moon as Caporicorn is the sign in which the Moon has its detriment.

The Moon is the General Significator of the people who will also manifest strongly, as it is on the MC. It is also in strong mutual reception with Mars as the Moon is placed in the sign ruled by Mars, and Mars is in the sign where the Moon has its exaltation. Mars has just left his domicile behind and entered his detriment, so it will show its most vicious side. It is this nasty violent Mars that is so strongly connected to the people- Moon, this shows the rioting.

Mars also squares the conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in the first house. Mercury is Lord 8 which does not indicate people will die, but it is not pleasant, Lord 8 can also show havoc. Saturn of limitations is Lord 1 (the Netherlands) curbing Jupiter (free movement), this conjunction is on the MC by antiscion. So the many angular position are a clear sign something noticeable will take place  this month.

It is intriguing to see that the Lunar Manions, which we have given some attention over the past few weeks also have their role to play. The transit postion of the Moon in a lunar masion gives the general ambience of a day. On Sunday when the riots broke out , the Moon was moving through Al Dabaran, a very fiery and martial masion, the mansion image is a charging cavalry man. 

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