The president of the world football association FIFA Gianni Infantino surprised the world last week. In an unprecedentedly arrogant and brutal way, he showed his power by dismissing all criticism of the World Cup in Qatar, and there is quite a lot to criticize. FIFA is undoubtedly one of the most corrupt organizations in the world and that lousy reputation was firmly confirmed by Infantino. Apparently, far too much power, prestige and money goes around here to keep it pure

PoseidonThe question, of course, is whether the deeply corrupt nature of FIFA is visible in the organization’s horoscope. The time of founding is not really certain, but we are just looking at the birth chart based on the time known in the archives. What immediately catches the eye in this radix is Neptune which is conjunct the MC, outer planets can be interpreted in classical astrology based on their mythology. Neptune or Poseidon is the very powerful god of the oceans and  the salt water is a symbol of uninhibited desire. Therefore, he creates chaos, Poseidon is also a grim god who tolerates no others in his realm. It is always his goal to flood the ordered mainland and drown it in his water domain.

That is a good first description of FIFA, but in view of the deeply ingrained dishonesty you could of course think of Mercury, the planet of liars. And yes, Mercury plays a remarkably important role in this FIFA radix. Lord 1 is Venus who is in his own sign, he is his own boss, and is intimately conjunct Mercury, a very direct connection between FIFA and the the liar planet. The Moon is Lord 10 and makes a very narrow square on this conjunction, on top of that Mercury disposits both the Sun and Mars.


Mercury is the ruler of the ninth house of ethics which thus becomes very pliable and he is ruler of twelfth house of shadowy things. He is retrograde, goes against the normal course of events and is peregrine, that is, he does not have a fixed course, not his strongest point anyway. The only thing that offers any solidity is the square with the strict Saturn that is very strongly in its own sign, that is the game, Saturn is Lord 5 of playin also placed in the fifth house. Remarkably, the Moon Lord  10, the public activities of FIFA, is in opposition to Lord 5. FIFA is not just about the game.

The same Lord 10  is placed  on the star Algenubi, the ambitious, bombastic Lion’s Mouth and both the Sun of leadership and Mars of sport are in the Pleiades, part of the crisis zone that begins at Algol a little further back, and which you can associate so strongly with struggle, violence, blindness and loss. The Lunar Mansion is Al Tarf, the Gaze of the Lion, connectedto insolent provocations.=. Far too much conflict and far too much Mercury, but on the MC is the Part of Jupiter, of Victory, yes they get away with it.

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