After 45 days, the new British prime minister Liz Truss had to leave again, probably setting a record as the shortest-serving UK prime minister ever. She announced during her campaign to become PM  that she would take decisive action and she kept her word. She immediately took extremely neo-liberal measures that completely destabilsized the already shaky English economy and financial situation.  The great panic that ensued was only averted by the departure, first of her Finance Minister, but then also of herself.  She has now been succeeded by the man who had always warned for the dramatic economic consequences that her radical plans would  have.

It is interesting to take a look at the chart of the beginning of Truss’s government, we can expect somethin special! The time of that beginning is the moment hat the now deceased Queen asked Truss to form a government, the acceptation of that assignment is the start of her reign. And that looks pretty spectacular indeed! If you had been able to elect a chart for this you would certainly have skipped this time.


Because the first thing that immediately catches the eye is the South Node on the Ascendant, the Ascendant is the most pronounced the Truss government. The South Node is the Dragon’s Tail, the point where an extremely painful sacrifice must be made, you could see the South Node as super-Saturn. Of course, you don’t want that on the Ascendant, the point where it all starts! In addition, the powerful South Scale also falls on the Ascendant. The South scale is also called the Insufficient Price, here you will not get away without having paid every penny. This  is the Scale of Justice, if there is something that is not right, it will come to the light and it will be punished mercilessly.

South Scale and South Node represent a deadly combination and the South Node on the Ascendant gives wings to the opponents, because the North Node, which gives you everything, is then on the Descendant. Also striking is the position of Lord 7 of her competitors, who has just entered its fall in Virgo but it is placed on Regulus, the star that leads to the throne. With the arrival of Truss she had sidelined her opponents (Lord 7 to its  fall) but not for long, her competitor is now on the throne (Lord 7 on Regulus)

Martial Mars

Lord 1 is Mars on Aldebaran, the intensely red and powerful Eye of Taurus, a star with a purely martial nature. That is a very fierce very martial Mars, Aldebaran is the main star of the ferocious Bull and certainly not nice. This reflects the extremely radical and uncompromising measures that the Truss government immediately took. Through antiscion, this ferocious Lord 1 is in opposition with the Moon, the significator of the people which shows that with her decisiveness she does cannot count on much popular support.

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