Last Monday the Italian composer Ennio Morricone died, 91 years old and so famous for his sound tracks for soem very successfull spaghetti westerns, like Once Upon a Time in the West and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Morricone was always a bit irritated when his name was mainly associated with film music, as he had composed so much more. Neverthess, it is a fact that he is known mainly for his sound tracks, almost everybody knows these tunes, it is not Bach or Beethoven, but al least just as well-known.

So Morricone’s radix should be very interesting to look at (click on the download button below to view it).  Immediately striking the eye in this chart is Great Benefic Jupiter “in elevation’’ which means “very high in the chart” enabling Jupiter to manifest strongly in the life. This is very direct astrology, at the moment baby Ennio was born his father looked up and saw bright Jupiter right in the zenith which made him smile, as this is a promise of success. That Jupiter has no essential dignity does not really matter, it will have a lot of influence and as we said Morricone was no Bach or Beethoven. The Great Benefic is also retrograde showing it will go against the normal direction or pattern and you can say Morricone did.

Jupiter is also the Lord of the fifth house of creativity and pleasure (composer) and the ninth house of foreign countries (westerns). The Great Benefic is placed in Taurus ruled by Venus and Venus the planet of the arts in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, so there is a very strong mutual reception (=connection)  between Venus and Jupiter. Venus itself is again found in the fifth house of pleasure and playing, remarkably enough Morricone was also a football talent!  It is this strong connection with Venus that made him decide for the arts. Mars the planet of sportive competition is Lord 10 of the job (showing what we “’automatically” tend to do)  but it is weak in its fall and in the twelfth house. Venus certainly has much more to offer. 

The Ram’s  Horn

The fame he acquired through the spaghetti westerns can be seen in the star Jupiter is placed on, Sharatan one of the Ram’s Horns which has a Saturn/Mars nature. Probably this requires no further explanation, the Horn is of course violent push-power and the story of the Ram  is not very peaceful one either. Here we see how a chart works although Morricone would have liked to be known for much more than sound-tracks, the position of Jupiter shows what “was given to him”. Everything he is in fact known for, is associated with the threat of violence in the background indicated by Sharatan, in this sense he did not have a choice. We can even take this a step further, one of the best-known scenes in Once Upon a Time in the West is about a hanging from an arch, now in the Ram’s story it is finally sacrificed and its hide is hung on a tree.

Also striking is another star, Al Pherg on the MC. It is not a bright star but as a star of fate it can have a lot of influence. A progression moving over Al Pherg brings a decisive moment in the life, in the radix it points at a very special strong influence connected to the factor on it (in this case the MC of career). But here there is also a deeper level as Al Pherg can also be associated with montrous Typhon (mythically death), totally made out off of snakes making all kinds of threatening noises. Is this not a literal picture of the “fatal” harmonica sound, which of everything he ever produced, brought Morricone more fame than he could ever have dreamt of?  

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