It was not immediately clear but the outbreak of the Wuhan virus in China has grown rapidy into a real epidemic. The region around the city of Wuhan where the virus made its first vitcims, is closed off from the outer world, the Chinese government is taking very strong measures. The question is of course what can be seen in the relevant charts of this outbreak? It is important to look at these charts from a perspective that makes sense. Knowing what has happened, we could always find something pointing in that direction. The most honest approach is therefore to imagine you would have lived in Wuhan, would you have seen then, that it might be better to get out off the city in January? 

The next question is of course which chart is to be used?  There are several possibilities, the ingress chart (the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again) for Peking or even Wuhan, the foundation chart of the People’s Republic, or the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter before the last emperor resigned? It seems like a good idea to look at the Aries ingress chart for Wuhan first, that is what a local astrologer would do to see what would happen to his city this year. Click on the download button below to be able to view this chart.

Is there is anything to be seen in this chart that would indicate serious trouble? If so, is there an indication of the nature of these serious events? The first thing striking the eye is Jupiter the ruler of the first and and the tenth houses placed on the MC. This means Wuhan wil be able to manifest itself very strongly in the world this year and this is true. Nobody had heard of the city till recently but now everybody knows it, although this did not happen in the way you would wish for.


The stars around this Jupiter do describe the situation quite effectively, Jupiter is on Lesath the very nasty Scorpion’s Sting and the MC itself is on Rasalhaque, the Serpent Bearer’s Head. Ophiuchus the Serpent-Bearer is strongly associated with medicine, the serpent is a symbol of the life-force to be contolled and balanced by the Bearer. With the knowledge we have now, this looks a bit threatening but from the perspective of the local astrologer checking the ingress chart, this is really not very alarming. Also the Sun/ Lord 6 of illness is not very strongly emphasized,although  it is placed in the first house (the city) opposed by the Moon but this is not very, very dramatic.    

However, what does strike the eye is retrograde Mercury right on the Ascendant in Pisces in its detriment AND fall, so it will definitely shows its very worst sides. By the houses – “in mundo” – Mercury aspects Jupiter as it as far from the Ascendant as Jupiter is from the MC, and this of course enhances its negative effects, even more strengthened by Neptune always creating chaos nearby. This begins to look like more that only moderately serious. Mercury can be associated with connections and roads so this would fit the closing off of the city, but because Mercury as “wind in the earth”’ also stands for earth-quakes maybe that would a first idea of what could happen. Of course, Mercury is also the general significator of the lungs, but this is a bit too much based on what we know now. In the winter ingress chart (no picture shown here), made for the moment the Sun enters Capricorn, this Sun gets on the MC in Wuhan showing that what is going to happen will happen there in winter.    

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