Early this month, the Russian army suffered a painful defeat in Ukraine, it had to give up the city of Kherson, which was captured by them at the beginning of the war .The attacks of the Ukrainians on the Russian supply lines and positions had made it untenable for the Russians to occupy the city any longer. That was extra hard  for them because Russia had announced the annexation of the city and the region not long before this, they would remain Russian “forever”.

South Scale Eclipse

Such a painful defeat, according to some even a turning-point in the war, should be visible in the relevant charts. Some time ago we indeed wrote on this blog about the eclipse of November 8 on the South Scale:

“When you see how much is wrong with the organization of the Russian army, it does not look very promising for the Russians. Eclipse Lord 1 – also seen as a Russia – is indeed a strong Saturn in its own sign and in the first house, but Russia is not in its own house, that will not help them too much. This Saturn hooks into the axis of the eclipse through square and will therefore be firmly hit by the tensions that symbolized by the eclipse.  All this is emphasized by the star on the MC, martial Antares, the Heart of deadly Scorpio who deals arrogant Orion the death-blow. That MC is very specific to the place, so it doesn’t look like it will be much better for the Russians this winter.”

Great Conjunction

That was the interpretation of the eclipse chart made for Moscow and indeed the effect of the merciless South Scale on which the eclipse fell and of Antares did not take long to show. Now, of course, you can see such an event not only in eclipses, but also in the chart of Russia. For this we use the horoscope of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter of July 1444 that preceded the foundation of the Russian state with Moscow as its capital. This GC horoscope can be used as a radix of Russia and you can apply all the techniques that you also apply in a radix for a person.

  If you then look at the lunar return under which the Russians had to give up Kherson, this GC radix also appears to be effective at the level of lunar returns. Because what immediately stands out is Saturn, Lord 7 of opponents who is very strong on an angle, on the descendant. Lord 7 stands in his own house and sign and in fact the Ukrainians took back what belongs to their country. Lunar Lord 1, Russia this month, is the Sun which is clearly less strong in the fourth house. The distance from Lord 1 to the South Node, which deprives you of everything, is  with seven degrees too far to count as a conjunction. 

Nevertheless, the South Node is the decisive factor here. Because through antscion it falls right on the Ascendant which of course stands for Russia because this is a lunar return made on the basis of the Russian radix. The South Node deprives Russia of something in a very painful way, a sacrifice is forced on them. The North Node that gives everything, then falls on that strong Lord 7 on the Descendant, Kherson goes back to Ukraine. The importance of this event is emphasized once again by the fact that the Ascendant of this lunar return falls near radix-Ascendant of Russia and such a “return of axes” always shows that something very striking will happen.

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