In our prayers and thoughts we are with the people in Ukraine who are suffering so much from the war. The merciless tactics used by the Russians in the war in Syria now also seem to be used in Ukraine. Putin, who is no longer the youngest, probably wants to go down in history as the Great Restorer of the Russian Empire.

It is also clear from the reports that the army of Russia is poorly organized, the logistics are not in order, the equipment is not well maintained and morale is low. Most soldiers are just ordinary Russian boys, sons of Russian mothers who have to give  their young lives in this nightmare.  Despite the heavy losses Russia does make progress, much slower than hoped for, but still. In the lunar return under which Russia opened the attack, this is all clearly visible, the lunar return is based on the mundane radix of Russia, the data of which can be found in last week’s post (click on the download link above to view the LR ).

The Vulture

In a lunar return, which must always be interpreted in the context of the progressions and the curent solar return, the first attention always goes to the angles, and they make clear that something is going to happen. This LR went into effect on February 12th and we see Lord 1 and 7, the land itself and the adversary on the IC, these are also the planets Mars and Venus, war and peace! The conjuntion, which indicates that peace will be broken, falls on Vega, the Falling Vulture, and why vultures come down needs no explanation. Wega is a powerful star of the first magnitude and on the MC opposite there is another one, Sirius. Sirius is the Mouth of the Big Dog, to be associated with brutal intimidation and violence.

The fact that the Moon is Lord 10 and is almost on the MC confirms that the war, already indicated in the progressions, will now begin. The star on the Ascendant shows that it will be difficult, that is Vindemiatrix, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Vindemiatrix is a  star of overestimation of your powers and that is what we see happening now, on  March 12 a new LR  will go in, which will show itself  in a changing situation on the battlefield.

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