Recently the news came that the Dutch crown princess Amalia would from now on be strictly guarded. The crown princess had just started her studies and even wanted to become a member of a students’ association, but she had to give up her plans. From various sides, including the FBI, it was said that an attack on Princess Amalia was being prepared. A relatively free moving studying princess was suddenly far too great a risk. The question is what can we see of this threat in her progressions?

Had we been the Astrologer Royal, we would have seen the problems coming for a long time. Because what immediately catches the eye when looking at the progressions, is the primary direction of the Ascendant moving over the radix and the progressive position of Saturn. The Great Malefic is placed in Cancer in its detriment and will thus show its nastiest, most limiting side. So no student freedom for the crown princess and the fact that Saturn is natal Lord 8 of death of course makes the image even grimmer. To be clear that Lord 8 is so strongly present, points out that the threat is real, not that what one is afraid of is going to happen!

Algol zone

A second factor that shows the tensions is the progression of the Part of the Sun, the inverted Taurus symbol in the picture, which has been moving through the notorious  crisis zone around Algol and the Pleiads for some time. In progression the Part of the Sun moves against the ordinary direction at a speed of one degree per month. That is to say, in four or five months’ time it will leave the crisis zone, which in itself is a positive development.  But that does not mean that all tension is immediately over, because there are other developments in the horoscope. Of course, the primary Ascendant will remain on Saturn mentioned above for another year, but Mars the planet of violence is also activated.

For progressed Mercury – Lord 1 in the radix – makes a square on the progressed position of Mars. Mercury is Lord 1 in the radix and therefore very much Amalia. An aspect of Lord 1 on the planet of violence is of course not so good and that tension will  persist for a long time because the progressive Sun also applies to a square with Mars. This whole movement of the Sun and Mercury reflects very clearly what is happening, Lord 1 Mercury – Amalia – disappears into combustion, she indeed will because of strict securiry measures become invisible with the threat of Mars in the background.

Al Sa’d Bula The movement of the progressed Moon through the Lunar Mansions also mirrors the events. The Moon has just entered the 23rd Manion, the Dog-Cat Al S’ad Al Bula, which is associated with loss, the image of this Lunar Mansion is the head of a dog on the body of a cat, two strange elements that are forced into a very tense relationship together. Princess Amalia is more or less locked up which is indicated by the planets that belong to the Mansion, Saturn and Mercury. Mercury is Lord 1 in the radix and Saturn of captivity and limitation we have already mentioned above.  

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