In last week’s post, we looked back at the disastrous floods in Slovenia that ravaged the country in early August. Your astrologer had just returned from a holiday in that country, when everything there was flooded, which of course raised the question of whether and how you could see that astrologically. There are various possibilities for this, last week we looked at the summer ingress of the Sun, the chart of the exact moment that the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. That chart shows what happens in the three summer months and major problems were indicated.


Now, of course, the question is whether you can make this more precie, whether you can also see the specific month in which it will happen. That could, of course, be of practical use. To view that, you can take for example the lunar return that is valid in August, based on the chart of Slovenia, also you could look at the lunation chart  (the New Moon or the Full Moon) before the start of the floodings. A third possibility is the ingress chart of the month in which it happened.

Leo ingress

This is the horoscope of the exact moment the Sun enters Leo, calculated for the capital Ljubljana. It is important to realize that such an ingress chart by which you investigate a month is always interpreted in the context of the other mundane charts that you have viewed. It is also crucial to be strict in the interpretation and only look at really striking positions, if you analyze in too much detail that you loose sharpness.  So are there things to see in the Leo Ingress that are seriously disturbing?


Lord 1 in the ingress is the Moon and the position of Lord 1 is of course very important, it symbolizes Slovenia this month. And there is a clear indication of trouble because the Moon is on Labrum. Labrum is an exceptional star, it is one of the three stars of fate that will strike! It is the main star of the Cup and in some cases you can interpret this as the cup that you will not pass  you by, as the poison cup that will have to be drunk to the bottom.


Also, Lord 1 is in opposition to Neptune the savage god of the oceans who floods the land with his waters! The liquid Moon in opposition to this Neptune is in the fourth house of the land, an extra indication that it is all about flooding. Within the usual orb of five degrees, malefic Mars falls on the IC and Mars is Lord 6 of misfortune.  This Mars is strongly emphasized by the Pars Fortunae that is conjunct with it. Both the angles and the Pars are very specific for Slovenia, in Zagreb, the capital of neighboring Croatia for eaxmple they are placed differently.  

Death house

The malefic Mars Lord 6 of misfortune is in opposition with the other malefic Saturn who also rules a malefic house, House 8 of death! So we have the two malefics that have no essential dignity, both ruling an evil house placed on the MC/IC- axis within the permitted orb. Allin all , the charts gives us a clear picture, we do not have to draw the clues from it.    

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