It is summer break in Formula 1, at the end of this month the battle will continue again. Max Verstappen, about whom we wrote earlier, is in the lead and he seems to be heading for a second championship. But the matter has not yet been decided, the surprising number 2 of this season, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc is well behind him but the gap may still be closed. Last year Leclerc was seventh in the championship, 200 points behind Verstappen, but now he is doing much better which is a good reason to take a look at his radix.

What immediately attracts our attention is the conjunction of Mars which is Lord 1 and thus the most outspoken Leclerc himself, who is conjunct Venus, Lord 7 of opponents. The position of Lord 1 shows where you stand in life, where automatically a lot of attenion is focussed. So that is battle with others which is greatly enhanced by the fact that this conjunction falls on royal Antares with its intensely red pure Mars energy. Antares gives life-or death struggles, the royal nature of the star indicates that there will be a lot of success associated with it.

Lords  1 and 7 are both on Antares, Venus/lord 7 is closest, but Mars Lord 1 with his fiery nature picks up the most easily the warrior energy of the star. Of the planetary parts, the part of Saturn falls on Venus/Lord 7 of opponents, Saturn is essence of slowing down. Mars / Lord 1’s speed  is much higher than normal and it makes a very close sextile with Jupiter the expander, who is also Lord 5 of fun, sports and games. So when we talk about racing, it’s clear that Mars Lord 1 will be faster than Lord 7.


Other parts of Leclerc’s radix complement this picture. His Lord 10, that which always plays a role in his public activities, is the Sun of winning. That Sun is on royal Spica in opposition with the Moon the significator of subjects and subordinates, the Moon in this position during Full Moon is totally dominated by the Sun. After all, the Moon is at that moment completely filled with the light of the Sun she reflects. Lord 10 therefore also points to struggle and gain, the position in the very weak 12th House is compensated by the narrow sextile that the Sun makes on the MC degree.

Of course, the parts of the Moon (Pars Fortunae) and the Sun (Pars Solis) also stand out because they are near the Descendant but that has no meaning  because that is automatically so at Full Moon. What does have a meaning is the fact that the antiscion of the Pars Solis is on the MC, because that is not automatically the case at Full Moon. The solar essence of the abundance and dominance falls at the point of the work, which also is conjunct Algenubi the Lion’s Mouth. You will get a clear picture like this if you involve stars, planet parts, dignities / receptions and antiscia  without these you will loose a lot of sharpness, as modern astrology shows so clearly.

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