Yesterday his party voted about his position, but he survived, battered but Boris Johnson – BoJo, BoZo, the Blond Goblin – is still there. Earlier on this blog we looked at his progressions, and his solar and lunar returns and there turned out to be strong  tensions in March and April this year. These temsions have shown themselves. Johnson has been under pressure almost all year because of the drinking parties at 10 Downing Street during the lockdown, but it has not cost him his head yet, not in April and not now. His progressive Moon is now just past Death Star Antares, his PoF is in opposition to Pluto and his Part of the Sun is moving towards a  conjunction with Praesepe, the “accumulation of corpses”. So these positions indicate well enough what is happening now.

Unhappy return

The question is of course whether he will be able to stay on for a long time, athey cannot vote about  his position for a  year now according to party rules, but there are other ways to exert pressure. What will happen when by-elections are lost for example?  Now it’s Johnson’s birthday soon, he will get a new solar return on June 19, his old return looked rather tense, so the question is whether that new return will bring improvement? If so, he might have had the worst now, but the new return doesn’t seem to indicate this.

What catches the eye in the new solar return is Mars placed prominently as Lord 7 in the seventh house of others, which is certainly not a sign that everything will be peace and harmony now.  That position of the fighting planet is emphasized by the opposition that Mars makes via antiscion with the Moon, Lord 10 of the job in the return and in the radix, so battle around the job.  A second point is the placement of Lord 1 Venus, not only in the eighth house of death and end, but also on the disastrous Algol, the star of beheading. Venus makes a square with Saturnus, Lord 5 which could be seen as “the death of the job”, the fifth house is turned eighth from the tenth.  Mercury, which plays such a central role in its radix, is also in the death house on the Hyads which can be associated with disappointments, with promises not realised.


This solar return has the same angles as the radix and that is special but it is questionable whether you can see that in this context as a sign of power or whether it just marks an important turning point. The only real positive thing in the return is the Pars of the Sun, the “royal essence” on the MC via antiscion, but this alone does not make this solar return stronger than the previous one.  Boris Johnson does not seem safe yet, the lunar return of July has Algol on the Ascendant which looks interesting.

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