Over the past few weeks, we have taken a look at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration chart and also at the prediction methods applied to that chart, showing the developments  in the presidency month by month. For the relatively short duration of a presidency of 48 months the lunar returns and the tertiary directons (1 day = 1 month, months of 28 days) are the appropriate instruments. Not only did  JFK’ s inauguration chart clearly indicate the dramatic ending, by the lunar returns and the tertiary directions it could be predicted in which month fate would strike.

Some time ago on this blog Joe Biden ’s expected inaugration chart was discussed and it showed quite some tensions. Assuming that Biden’s  inauguration as the new US president will take place as planned on 20 January 12:00, it is possible to check by the lunar returns and tertiary directions derived from that chart, to see when these tensions will climax. So we will have to go through all the lunar returns and the first LR indicating big trouble,  is the one fallling on the fifth of May.

Beneficial Spica

The IC/MC-axis of this LR (not shown here)  made on the basis of the inauguration is reversed in relation to the “radix” ( radix = root, in this context the inauguration chart is the radix). Pluto is exactly on the IC, Venus /Lord 1 is on the the main star of the miserable Pleiads and has left her own sign, loosing a lot of power. The Sun of leaders is right on cusp 8 of death. That does not look very nice at all, although the Ascendant is on Spica the most beneficial and protective star in the heavens, so this is a powerful compensation for the problems indicated.

This May Lunar Return is not given here, because there is another LR drawing even more attention to itself the one falling on 20 October covering the largest part of November, click on the download button above  to view this lunar return.  In this LR too Pluto is on an angle but now it is right on the Ascendant! So this LR Asc conjuncts the “’radix” MC, the most problemtical radix-position is repeated on the most important point in the LR chart, the Ascendant! On the MC is the merciless royal South Scale, the cosmic bulldozer correcting any inbalance without respect for any person, no prisoners taken, this MC/IC-axis falls reversed over the radix Asc/Desc-axis. Uranus, the castration star and the ultimate reality check is on the IC and so in conjunction with the “radix”-Asc.

So the prediction is that Joe Biden will be confronted by some big problem in May which he will be able to solve. In November this (or other?) trouble will resurface and then he will nog get away with it. Next week we will take a look at what the tertiary directions have to say about this.  

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