Last week we took a look at the chart of the beginning of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 to see if the winner can be determined by the chart. That worked fine in this year’s opening horoscope, but unfortunately the technique used is not always that effective. An additional problem is that it is also sometimes unclear under which sign a country should be classified, not only a lot of new countries have been added, some countries are also assigned more than one sign.    

Taurus country

The method applied was once proposed by John Frawley and it comes down to the fact that the planet with which the MC makes the first aspect in the contest chart shows the winner. A logical thought, the planet itself is the song, the sign in which the planet stands, the country that wins. It is amusing that Frawley, in the article in which he describes the method, applies it directly to the Eurovision Song Contest that was coming up in the year 2000.

Eurovision 2000 Chart

The first aspect that the MC makes in the opening chart of Eurovision 2000 is a trine with Mercury, which is in Taurus, just like four other planets by the way. Frawley concludes that a Taurus country will win and chooses Ireland. Mercury as a planet shows the title of the song and because Mercury is on Alcyone the star of tears in the seventh house, he proposes the possibiiliy that it will be something like “Song for Lost Lovers”, also very logical.

Eurovision 2000


Of course, we now know how it ended and no, he wasn’t right. In 2000 the winners were the Danish Olsen Brothers and Denmark is not under Taurus. In most books it is classified under Aries, probably because it was the mark of the Danes, and a mark is a border province in which there is a lot fighting. Anyway, the idea that the sign shows the winning country doesn’t work here either, there isn’t even one planet in Aries!


What does seem to be true, is Mercury and the seventh house of relationships. The song was called “Flying on the Wings of Love” and of course Mercury is the planet that flies. The seventh house of realtionships also returns in the song, but Alcyone of tears is nowhere to be seen. It is about a happy, long-lasting great love which could be reflected by the dispositor of Mercury, Venus in its own sign. It is also striking that the song starts with: “When the Moon is bright in the sky” and yes the Moon is close to the MC in the opening horoscope. All in all, the method is effective to a certain extend, but that seems to mainly relate to the planet reflecting the song , but that is certainly not nothing.

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