Last week, the progressions in the natal chart of the Palestinian National Authority, the PNA were discussed (4 May 1994, 11:55 EEDT in Cairo, Asc 5.59 Leo). As we mentioned last week, the natal Ascendant of this chart falls on fragmenting Praesepe “the Exhalation of Piled-Up Corpses.” The plan was for the PNA to have authority over both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, but Praesepe’s splintering maifested soon. Hamas took over Gaza and the official PNA President Abbas is derisively referred to as the “mayor of Ramallah (the seat of the PNA). The South Node (painful sacrifice) on Algol (decapitation) is in the PNA radix on the Ascendant (by antiscion). This looks quite desparate.


Last week it became clear that this PNA radix works well in the progressions, but also in the return charts, solar and lunar, the developments show well. This year, the solar return has the nodal axis over the MC/IC axis, always a sign that something drastic is going to happen. The lunars can be used to find the month that something that was already visible in the progressions and solar will come about. To see this, simply go through all the lunar returns of the year until you find something that stands out, often planets at angles, a prominent Nodal Axis or striking powerful stars.


The lunar before the Hamas attack of October 7 does indeed stand out! There are two planets at the axes and because the axes are the most powerful places in the chart, it shows that something is going to happen. It may seem confusing that it is Jupiter and Venus aalced on the angles, so the benefics. However, a lunar always must be interpreted in context and at all salient points. Venus which is dominant on the MC is Lord 7 of opponents makes a very close sextile with the war planet Mars, which is also Lord 1, and Jupiter emphasizes on the Descendant the opponent and struggle.


On the Ascendant is Lucida Lancis, the Southern Scale or the Scorpion’s Claw, which probably needs little explanation. Lucida Lancis puts things in order without mercy! Also striking is the Moon, which of course is always in a lunar return in the same place in the zodiac, but it is in conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is Lord 8 of death is in the radix and the conjunction with the Moon is also found in the radix in the eighth house of death! A repetition of a natal position in a solar or lunar return is a very strong emphasis on that position. In addition, by antiscion, the painful South Node is on this conjunction. The next lunar confirms this picture, Mars of war is on the Descendant in opposition to Lord 8! 

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