Last Saturday Jan des Bouvrie died, the well-known interior designer who changed Dutch living-rooms. It was his mission to acquaint everybody with modern design and he certainly succeeded in this mission. He influenced interior design in The Netherlands and abroad thoroughly and he inspired a whole generation of young design professionals. Some may have found a bit too sure of himself but het was extremely successful, also because he knew very well how to promote himself.

One of his most striking style characteristics is white colour. “White is space, light and liberation”, he always said, his strong preference for this colour was often explained by the fact he had to sleep in a room without windows a a boy. His youth experience has had a strong effect, even now many Dutch paint their rooms very white. So it would very interesting to take a look at his chart, unfortunately no time of birth is known.

However, this does not stop the astrologer, a chart calculated for his birth date with the Sun on the Ascendant or on the MC can provide some relevant information. Traditionall , a new day begins at sun-rise, Sun on the Ascendant gives us a chart for the day and for everybody born on this day. Click on the download button below to view Des Bouvrie’s Sun-rise chart.

 You have to be a bit careful however, as the way dates are given in these modern times is non-astrological. In the modernsystem the new day starts at mid-night and all the children born in the 24 hours after that will have that date registered as their birth-day. In astrology the new day begins at dawn and the chart for that day with Sun on the Asc says something about that day and everbody born then. But people born between mid-night and sun-rise will not fall under the sun-rise chart of their birth day but under the chart of the preceding day! There is no birth time for Des Bouvrie, we have assumed he was born after sun-rise.

The White Planet

This seems to work quite well. Lost of strengths could be expected and we are not disappointed. Striking the eye immediately is the Moon, that has just entered its exaltation, the emotion and home planet feels wonderful and ony wants to stay exalted as long as it can. This describes the sometimes exxaggerated white preference, the Moon is in a jubilant mood, entering its exaltation indeed feels like a liberation. Planets that have just changed sign or are about to change sign always indicate a special intensive motive.


Of course the Sun’s position on the Asc is not delineated as it is automatically there if this technique is applied, but this is not so for Mercury. Mercury is cazimi, in the heart of the Sun conjunct within 17 minutes arc and this makes a planet unstoppable.  He knew how to use the media to promote himself very effectively, Mercury is the media planet. Des Bouvrie popped up so often (cazimi!) that a  lot of jokes were made about his love for the media. “’Helllooo, here we are again”’ became a well-known expression for media-prone people like him. He did not care, he only became more well-known with more customers as a result.

But there is more, the prominent exalted lunar White is in very strong reception by domicile with esthetic Venus. Venus is conjunct the very bright star Sirius and an exalted Jupiter planet of expansion and modernity, which helps a lot. It made him a bright star. Finally, Saturn is in on Aldebaran the powerful royal spring star of successful beginnings and wealth, the cube (Saturn) couch was his break-through. So even without a birth-time as relevant  chart can be made, and prediction techniques seem to work just as well…  


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