The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has a quite flexible relationship with truth, he has acute  memory problems at the moments that this is useful. His party cannot be bothered too much about this they let him get away with it. For the British PM Boris Johnson – “BoJo” – things are more problematical at the moment. Just like Rutte he has lied blatantly, but his lies were so blatant that his position is in danger. Even his own party is very critical which means he is in real trouble.

His natal chart will not be completely analyzed here, the most striking thing in his radix is the very strong Mercury, which is Almutem Figuris, the planet with the most influence in his chart by far. Mercury is placed in Gemini, so he can do Mercury things quite well. Bojo started his working life as a journalist and he is the author of some books, but the fact that this dominating Mercury has so much essential dignity does not tell us anything about ethics. The degree of essential dignity shows how good an instrument is but not how good the person using it is.

A very strong Mercury, the planet of cheating, indicates you are good at cheating, so it may even act as a temptation to be dishonest. At the moment BoJo seems to be presented with the consequences of this strong Mercurial nature, so it is interesting to have a look at what is going on in his progressions. Progressions (primary directions for the angles) occupy the highest place in the hierarchy of prognostic methods, the solar return for example is a lower level, it shows how what is given by the progressions will work out exactly in a year.

A short glance at his progressions suffices to see that Bojo is indeed in a cold sweat at the moment. The Ascendant is still in opposition with the progressed Jupiter – Lord 6 of misfortune – on Algol, although it on the edge of the orb of one degree. A progression of Jupiter is so slow that you would not give it any attention normally, but it is relevant if a faster progressed factor aspects it, like here. A second striking position is the MC on the progressed Uranus. The Uranus myth is about castration of the sky god, a very painful reality check. This confrontation is acute now as the progressed Part of Fortune is in opposition with the MC now, the PF moves at a speed of one degree a month so this is really about December and January.

The progressed Moon is also very important, it is natal Lord 10 of the job. At the moment it is not under pressure much, but it is on its way to Antares, the star of endings. It is not there yet, it will take another four months. So what does this all mean? The tensions of the moment can be seen clearly and they are not yet over, mainly shown by the opposition of the PoF with Uranus on the MC. This opposition will influence the situation for another two months.  After four months the PF will oppose Pluto at the moment the Moon is on Antares. So the tensions for Bojo will not disappear in 2022 and around April there be another critical moment.         


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