Last week, the chart of French President Emmanuel Macron was discussed here in response to the great social unrest in France. The immediate cause of the fierce battle is the president’s attempt to introduce a new retirement system. The age of retirement  would then be increased from 62 to 64, and a majority of French people do not agree at all with that! The Assembleé, the French House of Commons as it were, also rejected the proposal to make this change. The president then made use of the possibility to by-pass parliament and then “la rue” (the street) rebelled.

Now it would of course very interesting to see what is currently going on in the French chart. The big question, of course, is then which horoscope? The French kingdom came into being in 987 when Hugo Capet became king of West Francia and that would be a good time, but you can also take the French Revolution as a starting-point. That was the moment when everything in France changed radically and you could very well use a chart based on that year to follow the developments of France in modern times.


If we then apply our well-known method and take the exact moment of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter as mundane radix, the above horoscope is the result.  The first thing to do when you have made such a chart is to examine whether it broadly reflects the characteristics of the country. That must be recognizable, otherwise it might be a good idea to think again whether you have chosen the correct year on which to base your mundane radix of the country. This chart shows a number of striking positions.

The first is the strong Venus as Lord 10 in the tenth house, France is the land of aesthetics and elegance, Venus is also Lord 5 of pleasure and pleasure,  the gastronomic dimension of life is fortunately very much appreciated. Compare that with the Calvinist Netherlands where all  is mainly about trade, in the Dutch radix Mercury is on the descendant as the dominant planet. And yes what do the Dutch to celebrate the King’s  birthday, there is a freemarket!  In the tenth house, Mars is in detriment on royal Spica, it is not all gold that shines but that is of course also a powerful position. The mighty Neptune on the MC confirms this, the god of the oceans can make the earth tremble, Napoleon once swept like a tornado through Europe.

Soth Scale

But the most striking thing is the New Moon in Scorpio on the royal South Scale, the Scorpion’s Claw. That gives a lot of strength, but it also shows the root of the conflict between the president and his people. The Sun is of course the president and the Moon the people, but we se that the Sun dominates the Moon quite a bit here, the Moon is weak in his fall. France is a country where  in  politics there is a strong emphasis on the president’s power, parliament has less to say  than in the Netherlands or the UK  for example. On the harsh Scorpion’s Claw we see that this battle between Sun and Moon is fought out mecilessly . Next week we shalinvestigate if the progressions and/or solar returns mirror this. 

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