Barbie is currently scoring triumphs because of the Barbie movie that came out recently and which turns out to be a huge blockbuster. In the magazine The Astrologer’s Apprentice which was published for a while by John Frawley there is a natal chart of Barbie and it would be very interesting to see what is going on in it now. Honestly, I don’t know exactly how John Frawley got the time of birth, probably from a first presentation of the doll or the start of sales. Anyway, the article he wrote about is still very witty and worth reading, and we will use this time to see what that will  bring.

And it is bull’s eye! For one of the most important progressive factors, the primary Ascendant moves over Pollux, one of the royal stars that brings great success. To view the movement of the two angles, we always take the primary directions because the angles do not make a secondary movement. There are several methods to calculate them, but if you use the fixed stars, it is not difficult to see which method is the right one. The calculation we use almost always indicates the appropriate stars. The directions of the angles move slowly about a degree per year, so that is easy to check.


The primary direction of the MC is equally clear, it is on natal Mercury, Lord 2 of money and yes that is flowing in now. The MC also squares the strong radix-Saturn in Capricorn, Lord 11 in the radix, the salary, so financially it is all fine. The third slow factor in the prognosis is the secondary progression of the Sun and it is now conjuncting  the natal Ascendant! All three factors in the prognosis that indicate the main line of development in the life are therefore very strong.

Al Hana

In addition to the three slow progressions, you will also look at the movements of the secondary-progressed Moon and those of the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis. These are the fast factors that move at a speed of about one degree per month and thus allow precise timing. At the moment, the progressive Moon is making a trine with the New Moon in Barbie’s radix! It also is moving from the Lunar Mansion Al Hana to Al Dhira, Al Hana gives attraction, Al Dhira financial success, a striking image of the film that brings in so much money.


The PF also activates the New Moon in the radix, by opposition but still. The Pars Solis is going through the crisis zone and is almost on Algol. That seems less favourable, but Algol is not only hideous Medusa with this snake-like hair but also a very seductive woman, who makes everyone loose their heads. So Frawley’s time of Barbie’s birth seems to work just fine, for those who want to take a look at her radix, she was born on March 9, 1959, 9:00 EST in New York. In that chart, Barbie herself is Venus in detriment, QED!   

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