As we predicted more than once in the past two years, Donald Trump will have to leave the White House. He has not been re-elected and this will be extra painful because it does not happen too often that a president in office has to go. This correct prediction was done by several techniques but one of the best, certainly if we have a choice between two candidates, is the delineation of the lunar return. The chart of the month you will not be re-elected, will look a bit painful. This was so in Trump’s case, in his lunar return the South Node (painful limitation) was conjunct the Moon (the people) on his Ascendant, he will loose the people’s favour.

But also other techniques indicated it is not a good time for Donald Trump. The direction of his MC is moving over the progressed Saturn in its detriment in Leo, painful limitation again. Trump’s Firdar ruler is much less promising than four years ago, then it was the expansive North Node conjuncting his Sun/ Lord 1 in the natal chart, now it is the limiting South Node conjunct the Moon in the natal chart. This Moon is part of a lunar eclipse, so in the Firdar the Luminary that will go out is emphasized.

The Scorpion’s Heart

It is most instructive to note that the direction of the MC in his opponent’s chart moves over Antares, the Death Star that ends cycles. Here you can see how important context is. Anatres is the grim Scorpion’s Heart, the beast that stings to death the successful arrogant Hunter Orion, who deems himself invincible. That there was such an Orion in this situation is clear and then the myth works out in this way. Biden became the Scorpion because Trump very convincingly took the Orion-role. All these predictions and delineations were made far before the elections, the first prediction of the loss of Donald Trump was published two years ago, when his opponent was not even known.  


There is still another method to make a prediction on a month scale, the tertiary directions working on the basis of a 1 day = 1 month key (so if you move your chart forward one day, you are a month later in real time). As is well-known, the key for secondary progressions is 1 day = 1 year, and the tertiary directions are interpreted in exactly the same way, but then only on a month’s scale. This looks for Trump like this, click on the download button below to view his current tertiary directions. Note welll that this is not a chart to be delineated, it only gives tertiary positions. For the technicians: in the calculations a month is seen as period of 28 days because this corresponds better with the astrological/astronomical reality than the calendar month.

It strikes the eye that the Asc is just changing  sign and this is something you don’t want to see if your name is Donald Trump! For everything should stay as it is, butthis movement will bring a change. The ruler of the sign the Asc is leaving behind is Mars, very very strong natally, the ruler of the next sign is Venus Lord 10 of the job in his radix. It is this Venus that is activated by the sign change, and in Trump’s  natal chart  Venus/ Lord 10 is conjunct Saturn in its detriment, not very nice at all. It also leaves behind the positive expansive North Node, his Part of Fortune moves over his natal Ascendant in opposition with the tertiary Mars, indicating the battle. The PoF leaves Leo, no more Sun stuff. The fact it is also moving over mighty Regulus cannot compensate for this, on Regulus there is always the danger that the king will fall  from his throne because he was pushing on too ruthlessly.     

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