A week ago on March 3, an earthquake occurred in Taiwan and it was not just any earthquake, it was the most powerful one of the past twenty-five years. There are more than a thousand injured and nine dead to mourn, but for such a severe earthquake that is actually not too bad. Taiwan is well-prepared for earthquakes and has strict building regulations, which are actually enforced. This is different in other countries that are prone to earthquakes, resulting in much greater damage.


In countries where earthquakes are a real danger, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the relevant mundane charts. That could of course be the radix of the country, but also the ingress  and eclipse charts are worth analysing. The ingress horoscope of the exact moment that the Sun enters Aries again, calculated for the capital of the country, is, as it were, a mundane solar return of the country. Of course, based on that, you don’t yet  know exactly when in the year a possible danger will occur, there are other charts for that, but you already have an idea of what the year will bring. 

Ingress Taiwan 2024

Ingress Taiwan

When it comes to natural disasters, there are a few general signficators to look out for, traditionally Mercury is associated with earthquakes. The reason for this is that on the one hand Mercury is a very terrestrial planet, it is connected with the details of the physical structure but it also has Air properties and therefore moves. The planet always unites opposite properties, which is why it is so variable. In addition to Mercury, it is also good to keep an eye on Neptune, after all, the mighty sea god makes the earth tremble with his trident, Neptune can simply be used in a classical interpretation.

Wind in the earth

The chart of the Aries ingress, made for the Taiwanese capital Taipei is very clear. The MC of the ingress is in conjunction with the malefic Saturn, which is Lord 8 of death! You can also see here how an ingress is specific, every place on earth has different angles and cusps. In the ingress charts made for other capitals, this Saturn is not on the MC and is probably not Lord 8 of death either. The earthquake planet Mercury – “wind in the earth” – is emphasized and strengthened by its conjunction with the expansive North Node, which you cannot always interpret positively. Expansion or enlargement is not always what you would like to see!


This Saturn / Lord 8 on the MC is already threatening, but what makes the picture really dangerous is the antiscion of that Mercury on the North Node. Mirrored, this Mercury falls on the IC in opposition to that Saturn, which also means that the nodal axis in Taiwan falls on the MC/IC this year! So that is very clear and specific for earthquakes and for Taiwan. Neptune is, again via antiscion at 2.32 Libra in opposition to the Sun, although the orb is a bit big for an antiscion. This all indicates what you can expect in Taiwan sometime this year, to determine the time of danger more accurately we can use other mundane charts such as eclispes and lunations.           

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