Because of all the Corona news it did not receive too much attention, but a few months ago a very remarkable artist died, who was extremely successful. Everybody will know him because, very much in line with the modern time spirit which mainly values big volumes,  he did not exactly work with small things. Although he did realise other projects, the Bulgarian artist Christo Javacheff, better know as “Christo” acquired fame for wrapping up big, old historical buildings. This work always received a lot of attention of course, and city councils worldwide were lining up for a bit of city promotion. His enormous success makes us curious about his chart, click on the download button below to be able to view it.   

And yes, it is clear immediately! The North Node, to be seen as a kind of super-Jupiter that wants everthing in life is on the Ascendant. The North Node will strongly enlarge and the South Node will decrease and  requires sacrifice, it is a kind of super-Saturn. Here you can see the nodal axis working out very directly, Christo makes the other thing small (in the seventh house) and this is done in an overwhelming way as Pluto, the Lord of Hades is, like the South Node, on the Descendant. If a building is wrapped up, it is buried, it disappears and therefore the human ego or the “we” will become more visible.

Venus a bit higher in the strong angular seventh house, shows it is all about art and aesthetics. Venus is Lord 4 of buildings and it is placed on the Empty Crib Praesepe, this is the Crab crushed by Hercules the hero. A bit violent, wrapping up a building is indeed a work of temporary destruction, Venus is in narrow sextile with Mars, Lord 10 of the job in the eighth house of death and in its detriment. So Mars cannot express its essential nature in a balanced way which does not mean Christo is aggressive, but it points to a kind of attack. Lord 10 is on Vindemiatrix, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice connecting to over-reaching and you can say Christo does, he bluntly exceeds human measure. This strike of megalomania makes his work so successful in our times.

Also striking the eye is the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter,the planet of Big Things, running against the mainstream as it is retrograde. The Moon is extremely instable and hungry in its fall and in the Burnt Road, the conjunction is on the powerful merciless South Scale that knows how to push things to their limits and beyond. The Moon, antipathic to Saturn,  is the fluid energy able to dissolve hard structures and within  theusual five degrees orbis for house cusps this conjunction is in the tenth house of public activities. As a nice finishing touch the planetary parts of Jupiter and Venus are in opposition with Mars Lord 10. The planetary parts indicate the pure planet essences, very special motivations, in this case big things combined with aesthetics.

So we have an enormous concentration of energy here with the North Node on the Ascendant, the South Node and Pluto and the Descendant, Venus on Praesepe in the seventh house sextiling Mars/Lord 10, the Moon-Jupiter conjunction on the royal South Scale near the MC and the conjunction of the Jupiter and Venus parts in opposition with Lord 10. Disappearance, destruction and size play a central role. Most striking however are the Nodes.We appear (North Node on the Ascendant) and the other thing disappears, which is the essence of his work.  

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